Auto-Scalable Clustering for Managed Cloud Business Auto-Scalable Clustering for Managed Cloud Business

Enterprise WordPress Hosting for Large-Scale Projects

Optimized Performance, Automatic Scaling, High-Availability, Fast Load and Cyber Security

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WordPress Hosting for Excellent User Experience

Enterprise Performance, Fast Loading Time and Maximum Uptime

Uptime and High Availability with Clusterization

Website availability and performance have a direct business impact for most of the companies nowadays. We bore that in mind while building our clusterized WordPress package in order to eliminate downtime issues, improve performance and cyber security protection. In combination with the pay-per-use pricing model, the enterprise level solution becomes affordable for everyone.

WordPress cluster helps to handle unexpected load spikes or permanent high load, ensure zero downtime, improve performance and response time, cut maintenance costs, and, as a result, offers excellent experience for websites owners and visitors.

Top Tier Status in Performance Benchmark 2020 by Review Signal

“Excellent performance from this newcomer. Jelastic platform scaled all the way up to the Enterprise tier, showing that it can handle tremendous loads without struggling. It earned Top Tier recognition, well done.”

Kevin Ohashi, Review Signal
Top Tier Status in Performance Benchmark 2020 by Review Signal

Uptime and High Availability with Clusterization

Forget about Downtimes and Slow Response

Get highly available WordPress cluster using a ready-to-go template that can be automatically installed with:

Uptime and High Availability with Clusterization

Pre-Configured WordPress Cluster in a Single Click

Eliminate Complex Configurations to Get Dedicated WordPress Hosting in Minutes

Packaged WordPress with automated scaling for the servers, as well as database replication simplifies and accelerates the cluster provisioning and further maintenance requiring no manual setups. So the companies can focus on business instead of managing servers and tuning infrastructure.


On Demand Scalability for Variable Loads

Worry-Free Resource Allocation without Overpaying for WordPress Website Hosting

wordpress load balancing

Jelastic WordPress web hosting allows automatically scale servers vertically and horizontally using specially configured triggers:

  • Low Load adds 1 application server node if the load is higher than 70%, removes 1 node if the load goes below 20%

  • Medium Load adds 1 application server node if the load is higher than 50%, removes 1 node if the load goes below 20%

  • High Load adds 2 application server node if the load is higher than 30%, removes 1 node if the load goes below 10%

Automated WordPress DevOps Pipeline

Stop Collaboration Conflicts and Untested Product Updates

  • Easy provisioning of staging sites for making changes, trying new functionality and A/B testing in production
  • Team collaboration with different levels of access to the environments
  • Marketing and development teams can work in parallel and push updates independently
  • Automated continuous integration, delivery and updates without disrupting a live site
  • Simplified deployment and management via an intuitive web UI
wordpress ci/cd automation

WordPress Multisite Network

Grow Business with Optimized WordPress Websites Management

Uptime and High Availability with Clusterization

While running several websites, it can be more useful to go with WordPress multisite network than managing a number of standalone WordPress sites:

  • You can easily manage multiple sites from a single dashboard
  • Other users can be added as admins with limited access only to a specific site
  • New plugins and themes can be installed and activated for multiple sites at once
  • Updates should be performed only on master installation and will be automatically applied for all websites in the network
  • Each website or blog can be customized separately thus they are not limited by unified management

Jelastic WordPress packages provide automated multisite network activation with domain mapping and integrated CDN.

Multi-Region WordPress Deployment

Enterprise Availability and Performance Out-of-Box

WordPress clusters are automatically deployed across several regions within one cloud to ensure automatic fault-tolerance and low latency read
operations for the users based on their location. Such an approach brings high availability to the top level, allowing to ensure business continuity
even in case of a data centre outage. On the other hand having several clusters in different locations over the globe can significantly improve website
ranking from search engine side decreasing response time and consequently attracting more customers worldwide.

Multi-Region WordPress Deployment REQUEST INSTALLATION

Managed WordPress Hosting Business

Extend Product Line with Professional WordPress Services

Interested to build managed hosting business around clustered WordPress? Get started with Jelastic partnership program and become a profitable WordPress hosting provider:

  • Use already pre-packaged clusters or build your own custom
  • Installation, scaling, update and support require minimal to no involvement
  • 24/7 technical support and dedicated project manager
  • Marketing and sales assistance from Jelastic
  • Franchise with risk-free revenue sharing model
Managed WordPress Hosting Business
Jelastic Multi-Cloud Platform for WordPress Hosting

"Jelastic is a powerful tool that doesn’t just manage and automate cloud services, it manages them all from an easy-to-use GUI panel. Many things that used to require highly-trained admins and dev-ops and took many hours of configuration, can all be done in a few clicks. Being able to do these things through automated software is not only a matter of ease, but also cost! Lots of time saved and even providing you the joy of having more options available. It is a game-changing power to do things this easily."

Johnny Nguyen, WPJohnny
Johnny Nguyen, WPJohnny about Jelastic Multi-Cloud Platform for WordPress Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the WordPress hosting requirements?

The platform provides support of Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Go and .NET.

  • Reliability of Cloud Hosting
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Security
  • Cloud Hosting Costs

Jelastic PaaS comes with very easy and fully-automated deployments for both:

And considering a wide network of service providers within Jelastic Cloud Union, you can choose the most appropriate WordPress hosting based on performance, location, support and price.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is mostly considered as a hosting plan that includes a number of advanced management features or services. This means that a hosting provider takes care of all the administrative routine (e.g. setting up the environment, configuring OS, updating servers, etc). Such WordPress hosting services are easy-to-use and let you focus on the site or blog development and growth.

Unmanaged WordPress hosting plans don’t contain any additional services except hosting itself. In this case a hosting provider isn’t responsible for maintaining your WordPress website, ensuring its security, scalability or optimization. You get just a server or a server with an OS installed and have to set up and manage all the needed software on your own.

What is the best web server for WordPress hosting?

There are three the most widely used servers for WordPress web hosting: Apache, NGINX and LiteSpeed. Statistics shows that Apache provides lower performance results, so it’s better go with NGINX or LiteSpeed. NGINX can be a good option for running small and medium-sized projects. But please keep in mind that extra configurations of NGINX require more time and effort, while LiteSpeed gives lots of advanced settings out-of-box. LiteSpeed web server is a perfect choice for large-scale projects as it is proved to be the best solution in terms of caching, security, and performance.

Learn more about LiteSpeed Benefits >>

What is the Difference between Standalone and Enterprise WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Standalone package topology is based on two types of templates:

  • LLSMP (Linux + LiteSpeed + MariaDB + PHP)
  • LEMP (Linux + NGINX + MariaDB + PHP)

The following components are integrated out-of-box:

  • Premium CDN Add-On for fast content loading
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Add-On for high-level security
  • LiteSpeed Web Server for high performance and low memory consumption
  • Web Application Firewall for computing power optimization
  • MariaDB database for content storage
  • Redis DBMS for object caching

WordPress Standalone container is a good option for running small- or medium-sized projects. It ensures top-level performance and security for the lowest price possible.

Learn more about Elastic Standalone Container >>

WordPress Cluster package contains the following components:

  • Premium CDN Add-On for fast content loading
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Add-On for high-level security
  • LiteSpeed Web ADC for load balancing
  • LiteSpeed Web Server for high performance and low memory consumption
  • Web Application Firewall for computing power optimization
  • MariaDB Galera Cluster for reliable content storage
  • Redis DBMS for object caching
  • Web Servers Shared Storage for keeping WordPress static assets.

WordPress Enterprise hosting perfectly suits for massive production-ready sites with high load, which require high availability, zero downtime, excellent performance, automatic scaling and cost-effective hosting

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How to Gain WordPress High-Availability and Performance?

Ensuring WordPress site high-availability and the best performance is a quite complex and time-consuming task, which requires the following advanced components and functionalities:

  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling based on the incoming load to prevent WordPress application downtime
  • At least two web servers: first to process all the data replicated to the second one which serves the website traffic
  • Multi-master database replication to guarantee failover and reliable storage of dynamic content
  • CDN to provide the fastest content loading thus the excellent experience for site visitors
  • At least one load balancer to distribute the traffic effectively and ensure the optimal performance
  • Shared storage for all the web servers in the clusters to keep static assets.

Jelastic pre-configured WordPress Cluster Kit includes all the above and even more. Moreover, it can be up and running in a few clicks without any efforts and time-consuming configurations.

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What is WooCommerce? How to integrate WooCommerce with WordPress on Jelastic?

WooCommerce is a powerful open-source eCommerce solution designed for WordPress, which is gaining more and more popularity due to its flexibility and ease of use.

It takes just a few steps to get a WooCommerce site with Jelastic PaaS. The installation of the WordPress standalone or clustered package is fully automated from the marketplace. So then you just need to navigate to Plugins tab and enable WooCommerce. That’s it, you can start using WooCommerce with WordPress hosted in the cloud.

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What is WordPress hosting cost in Jelastic?

Jelastic platform offers transparent usage-based pricing. That means that you’ll be charged only for consumed resources (RAM, CPU, disk space) per hour. Please be aware that WordPress hosting cost may vary depending on the package selected (standalone or cluster), hosting provider of choice and additional features enabled (LiteSpeed, CDN, Public IP, etc).

Learn more about Jelastic pricing >>

How to become a WordPress cloud hosting reseller with Jelastic?

If you are interested in offering a reliable WordPress cloud hosting for your customers, the Jelastic partnership program is what you need to start with. There are two possible options here:

  • Partnership for hosting service providers which implies Jelastic platform installation on your infrastructure and further franchise with proven revenue sharing model
  • Reselling partnership with existing Jelastic WordPress cloud hosting providers using their infrastructure but selling under your own brand.

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