Use Cases of Hosting Providers

Elastx Cloud Services from Sweden

eApps Cloud Services from the USA

Layershift Multi-Cloud Services

DataCenter Finland Cloud Services

Hidora Flex Cloud from Switzerland

P4D Cloud (SAFOZI), Africa & Middle-East

TrendHosting from Switzerland

eApps Hosting with Jelastic on Packet Infrastructure

Elastx Platform as a Service (PaaS) Massive I/O Performance

ServInt PaaS Offering, Based on Virtuozzo Containers and Jelastic, Takes Off Like a Rocket

dogado Increases Cloud Market Share with Jelastic Platform on Dell VRTX Servers

Use Cases of Public and Private Cloud Customers

Scalable Cloud for Blockchain Startups: Tokenestate.io Use Case

Tips to Handle Traffic Peaks from swiss.blackfriday & Hidora

Less Maintenance and Cost, More Automation and Scaling: Cargopooling Shift to PaaS

PaaS Beat Dedicated Servers Cutting Hosting Bill by 90%: Shiply Use Case

On-Demand Scalability and Easy Management of Java EE Projects: Hybrid Cloud for Miele

Bytebrand Use Case: Flexibility of PaaS and Minimum DevOps Forces

Hive’s Choice of Cloud Platform Proven by Time

Multi-Cloud Availability for Financial Organizations: Data Security, Local Hosting and Fast Time to Market

Bandtrace Saves 30% Thanks to Elastx’s Fixed Prices

For Hosting Providers

The Lifeblood of High Margin in Cloud Hosting Business

Cloud Business for Hosting Providers

The Step-by-Step Guide Part I Increase Conversion and Reduce Bounce Rate for Hosters

Hosting Business on Platform-as-Infrastructure

Cloud Platform for Hosting Business

The Step-by-Step Guide Part II Convert Trial Users Into Paying Customers for Service Providers

For CTOs and Developers

Cost Reduction Strategies on Java Cloud Hosting

Scaling Java Vertically: VMs vs Containers

DZone Guide to Java: Development and Evolution

Cloud Hosting Platform for Developers

Jelastic Cloud Complex Organism in Simple Words

From VMs to Containers: Decompose and Migrate Your Java EE Applications

Unlimited PaaS and Container-Based IaaS

Automated Traffic Distribution for Blue-Green Update, Zero Downtime Updates and Failover Protection

Docker Integration to Provide Advanced Application Delivery

Container Live Migration: Behind the Scenes

Container Tricks for Java Developers

Jelastic as the Main Trump Card in Your DevOps Deck