Jelastic Virtual Private Cloud

for DevOps Workflows

Jelastic Virtual Private Cloud Premium Edition is designed for medium and large-sized cloud hosting service providers, Telcos and ISPs that are working with small and medium sized enterprises, systems integrators and ISVs. DEVOPS, ENTERPRISE, CONTAINERS, JAVA EE, .NET, PRIVATE CLOUD, HYBRID CLOUD, PAAS
Get enterprise customers offering a combination of regions with hardware of different capacity to reach lower TCO and higher ROI. Critical workloads can be hosted on stable, security-enhanced and as a result, more expensive clouds. Non critical workloads can be on cheaper inferior clouds DEVOPS, ENTERPRISE, CONTAINERS, JAVA EE, .NET, PRIVATE CLOUD, HYBRID CLOUD, PAAS
Use additional regions from external clouds like Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Google Cloud and AWS in case of temporary burst, with no need to invest in hardware for variable loads. Gain disaster recovery and high availability across multiple datacenters DEVOPS, ENTERPRISE, CONTAINERS, JAVA EE, .NET, PRIVATE CLOUD, HYBRID CLOUD, PAAS

Jelastic VPC - Use Cases

Distribute your workloads within a Hybrid Cloud

Development Environments

Approach development comprehensively with a VPC to give dev and test teams access to the cloud infrastructure. Jelastic infrastructure simplifies creation of complex development environments for applications which can be deployed immediately, for no additional expenditure.

Testing Environments

In a multi-tiered environment, VPC provides developers with the ability to test and troubleshoot their code. An infrastructure can be split into different regions and advanced applications can be tested across many variables.

Production Workloads

Deploy critical enterprise level applications securely and assuredly inside a fully isolated Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure. Business applications are delivered via robust scalable cloud environments, without compromising security.

Technical Benefits for Advanced Cloud Hosting

Application Development Lifecycle

  • Accelerates app development and release cycle, agile or lean development process
  • Enables IT to rapidly build out development and testing environments
  • Enables DevOps to build complex workflows
  • Elastic and rapid provisioning, high density and vast number of containers
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Containers and Docker®

Jelastic uses Containers virtualization as the primary virtualization option
  • Provides the minimal virtualization overhead
  • Can scale automatically up and down without restarting
Jelastic supports all Docker® templates – LB servers, App servers, DB servers, Caching servers, Others
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Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Vertical Scaling provides ability to scale an app automatically Up and Down within the resources of a hardware server
  • Jelastic tunes different stacks according to the available resources
  • Useful for legacy apps and apps that are not designed for horizontal scalability
Horizontal Scaling enables cloud elasticity by providing automatic scaling based on load changes
  • In and Out scaling are supported
  • Thresholds based on CPU, RAM, IO usage
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Polyglot Platform

A wide choice of Programming Languages and Frameworks
  • Java, PHP, .Net, Ruby, Python, Node.js
A variety of certified middleware stack containers
  • Load balancers, App Servers, Databases, Cache Servers
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Hybrid Cloud Solution and Multi-Cloud Regions

  • HA across data centers and cloud infrastructures
  • Scalability – temporary burst to the public cloud , or occasional computing power
  • Backup in the cloud – resilience by storing duplicates, which allows for data recovery
  • Test, acceptance, and occasional usage – testing out different kinds of products for evaluation or acceptance purposes
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Easy Installation and Management

  • Entire enterprise stack that can be installed on “bare metal” or any existing IaaS
  • Installation in hours, not months with the lowest TCO
  • Cloud IT administrators use a single management console to control cloud resources
Consolidated view of your cloud resources, with sophisticated management and monitoring of the cluster
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Get Your Private Installation

Install in hours, test for weeks

We provide a fully functional demo platform with already installed turnkey Jelastic Cloud. Try out all the benefits of Jelastic Cloud solution:
  • Automatic Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • Docker Support
  • Clustered Solutions with Multi-nodes
  • High-Availability
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Custom and Jelastic SSL (in just a few clicks)
  • Zero-code-changes and NO Vendor Lock-in
  • Marketplace (one-click installation)
  • SSH Access
  • Multi-regions support within several data centers
  • Enter your details in the adjacent form. A Jelastic enterprise expert will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements and initiate the evaluation.