Trademark Usage Guidelines

Jelastic trademarks, logos, logotypes, signatures, and design marks are valuable assets that Jelastic protects. Accordingly, we ask that you follow these guidelines with respect to your use of any Jelastic trademarks or logos.

Only Jelastic and its authorized resellers and partners may use the Jelastic trademarks and logos in any manner, including in advertising, promotional, and sales materials. All usage, including press releases, must comply with the applicable agreement you have with Jelastic.

Jelastic recognizes that other companies may wish to refer to our company or products. However, we are very determined to prevent use of our name or trademarks in a manner that is likely to confuse customers as to the source of any product, to mislead customers about the nature or source of any product, or to falsely imply that we are affiliated with another company or that we endorse or sponsor another company’s products or services. Jelastic may authorize use of its name or trademark by a third party under the terms of a written license agreement or permission.

In addition to authorized use, it is allowed a limited legitimate use of our name by the press and others. The nature and extent of a legitimate use is restricted by trademark and unfair competition laws, and is limited to the minimum usage necessary under the circumstances.

By using an Jelastic mark or logo, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that Jelastic is the sole owner of the trademark and promising that you will not interfere with Jelastic’ rights in the trademark, including challenging Jelastic’ use, registration of, or application to register such trademark, alone or in combination with any other word or marks, anywhere in the world. You further acknowledge that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any Jelastic mark.


You may not use the Jelastic trademarks in a manner which would cause confusion as to Jelastic sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement.
Do not use Jelastic trademarks or confusing variations as all or part of your company, product, or service names.
Do not use Jelastic, Jelastic trademarks, or potentially confusing variations of Jelastic or any Jelastic trademarks in your internet domain names.
Jelastic reserves the right to discontinue your use of any trademarks and/or logos if your use is in violation of the terms and conditions of use.


Always spell and capitalize Jelastic’ trademarks exactly as they are shown on the Jelastic site. Do not modify or change the Jelastic logos in any way.
Jelastic may provide you with additional guidelines regarding proper usage of its trademarks and logos. These guidelines may be provided in your reseller or partnership agreement with Jelastic or in a separate document.


If you are a Jelastic reseller or partner and you have questions regarding trademark usage or press releases, please contact your regular Jelastic contact.
For third-party references to Jelastic and our products, please contact