Drive new revenue by delivering a powerful, scalable PaaS to your customers at a lower cost than the competition

Your customers will experience a platform that delivers the only fully elastic zero code-change PaaS in the industry. You will drive new and recurring revenue with a no-risk revenue-share partnership with Jelastic.

Hosted Platform-as-a-Service

Don’t just compete with the big guys – WIN! Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure for hosting service providers delivers new and recurring revenue streams in the rapidly growing PaaS market which, according to IDC, will be $14B by 2017.

Jelastic’s highly differentiated solution offers your customer:

  • the only zero-code change PaaS
  • fully elastic scalability
  • Fully elastic pricing that delivers savings of up to 72% over the competition

For the hosting provider, Jelastic delivers a complete software stack that installs onto “bare metal” servers, simple management and easy integration into existing billing systems.

Replace Expensive VPS Solutions

Traditional virtualization solutions come with increased complexity and punitive pricing. For web hosts looking to escape from per-core pricing in the thousand of dollars, Jelastic offers Platform-as-Infrastructure to replace your VPS software.

  • low cost subscription pricing on a per-server basis
  • simple management
  • easy integration with existing billing solutions
  • one-click installation of many popular applications

Simplified Installation and Configuration

Jelastic installs on “bare metal” servers so that web hosting companies can deploy the entire stack rapidly and get to market quickly.

Powerful Management

Jelastic provides hosting service providers with comprehensive administration features from a single console, Jelastic Cluster Admin. JCA provides all of the tools necessary to configure, deploy and manage Jelastic resources, including easy integration with popular billing solutions from Parallels or WHMCS.

Built-in Billing and Licenses Included

Due to Jelastic extensive API we can easily integrate with any billing system that you already use, therefore you can work with your inhouse transactions processor.

  • PBA
  • PBAS
  • Cleverbridge
  • Custom billing

In addition, there is no need to get extra licensing for container solution within the platform – Odin Virtuozzo for Windows/Linux (Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Cloud Storage) licenses are already included to Jelastic by default.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Jelastic 3 Year Software & Support Cost Vs. Alternatives



Open Source Solutions


Hypervisor-based Solutions


Jelastic for Web Hosting Providers: Benefits

Deployment is Faster

Deploy our integrated solution on bare metal in days, not months, because we provide the entire software stack. Developers can deploy applications in seconds with no code changes.

Management is Simpler

Cloud IT administrators use a single management console to control cloud resources. Meanwhile, developers can configure their own application environments using a drag-and-drop dashboard.

Any Application can be Supported

No complex APIs to code to and no code changes required. New or legacy applications can be migrated to the cloud in minutes. Simply upload and go.

Enterprise-class Availability

Isolated containers mean that failures do not affect other environments. Database replication and horizontal scalability ensure the highest availability.

Fully Elastic Scalability

Automatic vertical scalability supports growth and shrinkage of application environments within a server. Horizontal scaling across servers guarantees performance and availability.

Server Optimization – Maximum Density

Elastic scaling means the maximum density for application environments. Efficient server utilization means maximum ROI for enterprises and hosting service providers.