Jelastic delivers Platform-as-Infrastructure, the integration of Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, delivering a scalable, manageable and highly available cloud

Deliver a private or hybrid enterprise cloud that drives down costs and increases agility. Provide your developers with an enterprise-class private PaaS that enables rapid application development and deployment, without coding to proprietary APIs.

And do it in days, not years, with simple (per-server) subscription pricing.

Simplified Private Cloud

Jelastic provides a private cloud infrastructure that is easy to deploy and simple to manage. We provide the entire enterprise stack and can install on “bare metal” servers.

Powerful Enterprise Private PaaS

Jelastic’s PaaS provides developers with the ability to rapidly deploy scalable cloud applications without code changes. No coding to proprietary APIs means no vendor lock-in.

Fully Elastic Scalability

Jelastic’s fully elastic scalability allocates and de-allocates server resources as required, enabling applications in the cloud to run efficiently while delivering at least 30% better density.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure is a turnkey cloud that provides all of the flexibility of Infrastructure-as-a-Service combined with the ease-of-use of PaaS. Because Jelastic provides the complete solution, enterprises can deploy in hours, not months. Our per-server subscription model provides significant savings over traditional virtualization solutions or cloud “building blocks”.

Jelastic 3 Year Software & Support Cost Vs. Alternatives



Open-Source Solutions




Jelastic for Enterprise: Benefits

Deployment is Faster

Deploy our integrated solution on bare metal in days, not months, because we provide the entire software stack. Developers can deploy applications in seconds with no code changes.

Management is Simpler

Cloud IT administrators use a single management console to control cloud resources. Meanwhile, developers can configure their own application environments using a drag-and-drop dashboard.

Any Application can be Supported

No complex APIs to code to and no code changes required. New or legacy applications can be migrated to the cloud in minutes. Simply upload and go.

Enterprise-class Availability

Isolated containers mean that failures do not affect other environments. Database replication and horizontal scalability ensure the highest availability.

Fully Elastic Scalability

Automatic vertical scalability supports growth and shrinkage of application environments within a server. Horizontal scaling across servers guarantees performance and availability.

Server Optimization – Maximum Density

Elastic scaling means the maximum density for application environments. Efficient server utilization means maximum ROI for enterprises and web hosts.