Elastic Software-Defined Storage

High-Availability. Optimized Performance. Cost Saving

Block Storage

Efficient, fast and highly available block storage volumes designed for applications that benefit from fine tuning for performance, cost and capacity

File Storage

A simple, scalable, elastic file system for Linux-based workloads built to scale on demand, growing and shrinking automatically without disrupting applications

Object Storage

Industry-leading S3-compatible cloud storage with unlimited scalability, data availability, security and easy-to-use management capabilities

Elastic Storage Container on Application Level

  • Automated installation from topology wizard with the required software (e.g. NFS & RPC) already built-in
  • Sharing data across multiple layers or even environments of a single account
  • Variable load handling with elastic scaling, vertical and horizontal
  • Data safety during software upgrades by keeping it on the remote server
  • Exporting files externally and mounting data from a remote third-party NFS storage
  • Efficiency with pay-as-you-use pricing model, just state the maximum limits and pay only for consumed resources

Software-Defined Storage on Infrastructure Level

Software-Defined Storage on Infrastructure Level

Benefits and Profits You Can Gain

Easy Access and Scaling

Automated installation of an isolated storage container from the topology wizard, vertical and horizontal scaling in a mouse click, and simplified access to the files through the standard dashboard-integrated configuration manager

Funds Saving

Efficient pay-as-you-use pricing model based on current load. State the maximum limits for the container and pay only for consumed resources. If required, hibernate storage node during non-working hours to decrease the spends

Security and Failover

For security reasons, all containers are fully isolated, and during application updates the data is stored separately. The accounts are protected with two-factor authentication and tunable firewalls that filter out malicious traffic and keep out the intruders. Fault-tolerant SDS on infrastructure level automatically restores the data in case of any failure

Flexible Management

Easy management via intuitive UI, SSH access and open API lets provide access to the storage node for the team, migrate the storage container between available regions, attach Public IP to share the data over the globe, hibernate the storage container if required, without losing data

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