Private GitLab Server
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Private GitLab Server

Full DevOps Cycle in a Single Application

GitLab covers every stage of development and server administration releasing organizations from toolchain constraints. It makes software lifecycle twice faster, thus immensely speeding up the business.

  • Create, view, and manage code and project data
  • Synchronize team work with powerful planning tools
  • Keep high quality with automatic testing and reporting
  • Ship code with zero-touch and high security capabilities
  • Get insights and metrics on business performance
Full DevOps Cycle in a Single Application

Automated Installation of Pre-Configured GitLab

A dedicated GitLab instance is automatically installed and scaled from Jelastic PaaS marketplace.

The instance is secured with built-in SSL that can be upgraded to Let's Encrypt or higher level certificates for custom domains. Runners are automatically scaled vertically, horizontal scaling is available in a click or based on triggers.

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Automated Installation of Pre-Configured GitLab

Value-Added Scalable GitLab Server

Jelastic automation package of GitLab server performs the following actions:

  • Creates 2 system containers with pre-installed Docker Engine CE and docker-compose utility
  • Generates and installs self-signed or Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, as well as shares them with Runners via NFS volume
  • Injects dynamic environment variables such as tokens, passwords and environment domain
  • Deploys GitLab Server and Container Registry via docker-compose.yml in one Docker Engine node
  • Creates one Runner in a separate Docker Engine and registers it automatically in GitLab Server
  • Automates discovery of newly added Runners upon horizontal scaling
Jelastic automation package of GitLab server performs the following actions

Worry-Free Budgeting at Scale

Get the required number of resources (RAM and CPU) for your GitLab servers without the need to reserve them in advance or keep on tracking. This is fully managed by the platform and performed automatically within the stated confines. In this way, you won’t over-allocate beyond what is needed, especially during low-use or idle times.

Worry-Free Budgeting at Scale

In combination with the pay-as-you-use pricing model, automatic vertical scaling feature makes the cloud resource consumption really elastic and efficient.

GitLab Installation in One Click