Private Cloud Platform

Dedicated on-premise
or IaaS-based installation

Speed up development, reduce cost & complexity of infrastructure management, improve uptime and security


Container-Based Platform-as-a-Service

Automates creation, scaling, clustering and security updates of cloud-native and traditional applications.
Supports Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Go environments, as well as Docker and Kubernetes clusters

  • Built-in tools for automating scaling, deployment and CI/CD
  • Full application lifecycle management via UI, CLI & API
  • Certified software stack templates
  • Optimized Kubernetes clusters
  • Enhanced Docker support
  • Automatic scaling of containers
  • Monitoring and management of containers
Infrastructure Diversity
  • Installation on bare metal or IaaS from different cloud vendors
  • Multi-cloud and multi-region deployment
Container-Based Platform-as-a-Service
High Availability
  • Zero downtime upgrades
  • Session and data replication
  • Disaster recovery and migration across regions & host nodes

Software-Defined Network
  • Virtual private networking, virtual switching and routing services
  • Built-in firewall and iptables routing management

Software-Defined Storage
  • Supports block, file and object workloads
  • Gateway for integration with backup products

VM-Based Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Virtualization and storage for ISVs, SMEs, telcos and service providers. Hyper-converged computing with full lifecycle control over VMs and advanced Windows guest support.

  • High-performance and high-availability
  • Hyper-converged computing
  • Full lifecycle control over VMs
  • Advanced Windows guest support
High Availability
  • Reboot-less update
  • No downtime while rolling out upgrades
  • Upgrade hypervisor without shooting down or migrating VMs
Standard Hardware
  • HDD/SSD storage support
  • All-Flash storage support
  • Industry-standard hardware used for installation
Container-Based Platform-as-a-Service
Management & Monitoring
  • Detailed information about nodes, disks, network, latency, performance, storage and compute services via intuitive interface
  • Built-in Prometheus and Grafana

Software-Defined Network
  • Virtual private networking and virtual distributed switching
  • Built-in firewall management for infrastructure components

Software-Defined Storage
  • Supports block, file and object workloads
  • Gateway for integration with backup products

Secure Dedicated Private Cloud Platform

Turnkey private PaaS installation for internal development and storing secure data

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

Run Jelastic PaaS as VPC on the preferable hosted private cloud solutions provider

On Premise Installation

The platform can be installed as on-premise private cloud hosting services using hardware from different vendors

Cloud Functionality for Developers and Admins

Concentrate on project development instead of servers management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is a dedicated cloud service that is provided for a single customer (organization) and is not shared with any other users. Here, you maintain your own servers and infrastructure to host your application and data.

What is the difference between Private Cloud and Public Cloud?

Public Cloud is a computing service shared among multiple customers (although each user’s application and data remains hidden from others). All the server configurations are maintained by vendors, ensuring that less management is required from you. The benefits are a quicker time to market and simpler hosting.

Private Cloud is a dedicated computing service for a single customer (organization). Compared to Public Cloud, the setup process is more complicated and may require greater investment (e.g. on the operations department to maintain server), but provides complete freedom over the platform. The benefits are security and flexibility. A client also can request managed services from private cloud hosting providers.

What are the benefits of Private Cloud?

The main benefit of the Private Cloud Hosting is complete control over the platform (connection, hardware, applications, etc.), and security (the isolated server ensures independence of any other customers). This allows creating a platform that is optimally suited for your particular needs. For example, the high level of data protection makes it a preferable choice for storing sensitive data. Herewith, for additional security and even greater isolation, Private Cloud can be built on-premise (i.e. locally, based on your hardware).

What types of Private Cloud are supported in Jelastic?

The two main types can be defined - Virtual and On-Premise.

On-Premise is a type of Private Cloud reside in a dedicated data center. This makes a platform completely isolated - there are no “neighbors” to share hosted resources. The advantages are full control and exclusivity.

Virtual Private Cloud runs on public or shared infrastructure, and isolation is ensured through virtualization. An individual, private IP subnet is used to isolate resources, and the connection is performed via virtualized networks or encrypted channels. It’s a middle-ground solution that takes benefits from both Public and Private Clouds.

How Private Cloud is charged in Jelastic?

The price of obtaining Private Cloud at Jelastic is straightforward: a one-time fee for installation/configuration of your platform plus monthly payments per server/license. For exact details, reach us via the following form.

Testimonials of Customers

Chosen by ISVs, telcos and SMEs worldwide

James Gosling, Father of Java

"Configuring cloud infrastructures is fun the first time you do it. But it doesn’t take too long before it becomes a tedious time sink. And, if you have the misfortune of being a software developer that has to fight it out with an IT organization, who usually wants consistency, control and visibility, you find that you’re always fighting with them. Jelastic solves all of that. Easy configuration tools for developers, management tools for IT. Peace and productivity. I love it."

James Gosling, Father of Java

Johnny Nguyen, WPJohnny

“Jelastic is a powerful tool that doesn’t just manage and automate cloud services, it manages them all from an easy-to-use GUI panel. Many things that used to require highly-trained admins and dev-ops and took many hours of configuration, can all be done in a few clicks. Being able to do these things through automated software is not only a matter of ease, but also cost! Lots of time saved and even providing you the joy of having more options available. It is a game-changing power to do things this easily.”

Johnny Nguyen, WPJohnny

Christoph Wriessnegger, DATEA

“Jelastic PaaS helps us to be in pace with the fast changing technological world and satisfy our customers on their way to digitalization. Simplified cloud management lets us easily create an efficient digital operation across multiple projects, automation speeds up innovation and updates, while multi-region deployment ensures high-availability and opens new customer markets. As a result, the platform releases our time and budget for more business-oriented tasks and directions.”

Christoph Wriessnegger, DATEA

Bruno Souza, Brazilian JavaMan, Tools Cloud

“Jelastic is a community of partners. Data centers across the globe provide the computing capabilities to run the platform as a service offering. You get a choice of different vendors, in several locations and regulated by different government and laws. But you also have the freedom to take your application back to your premises or even to other vendors that support Java.”

Bruno Souza, Brazilian JavaMan, Tools Cloud

Esko Kantola, FA Solutions

“Main reason to have several data centers and hosting providers is geographical accessibility. Our SaaS clients are dealing on financial industry and they appreciate that their software and data are kept in the same country as they are operating. Also, with Jelastic it is easier to set up new customer environments, which is especially useful when getting plenty of new customers within short time period.“

Esko Kantola, FA Solutions

Julian Maurel, Product Manager at Jahia

“Jelastic PaaS made it very easy for us to choose them. It is compliant with all big cloud infrastructure providers, integrates amazingly well with Java software and provides elegant solutions to manage environment provisioning, scaling, configuration and backups”

Julian Maurel, Product Manager at Jahia

Simone Chinaglia, Digital Nomad

“Keep it simple” is the mantra I always have in mind being a developer. So we decided to move from AWS to Jelastic PaaS. It was a non-pain migration (fortunately). Already in 3 days of tracking, I realized that Jelastic cloud is a perfect match for our business, as well as the most innovative and technologically advanced partner that fully covers the needs of customers. I can just say - it seems I found “my system”

Simone Chinaglia, Digital Nomad

Jelastic Private Cloud Hosting