Jelastic offers revolutionary pricing for Enterprises, hosting service providers and developers. Our fully elastic scaling means that system resources are optimized as applications grow and shrink, providing higher application density and the ultimate in pay-per-use pricing.



MonthlyEnterprises can reduce private cloud costs by up to 90% using Jelastic’s revolutionary per-server subscription model.

Hosting Providers


MonthlyHosting Providers can implement Jelastic via a no-risk revenue-share model. Deliver PaaS or replace VPS with an elastic cloud.

Developers & ISVs


HourlyDevelopers pay only for resources used, not reserved. It’s a fully flexible pricing model that saves up to 72% over Amazon.

Enterprise Private Cloud: A New Approach

Enterprises can reduce private cloud costs by up to 90% using Jelastic’s revolutionary per-server subscription model. Jelastic can be installed on top of bare metal or any IaaS in hours, not months. You can choose the infrastructure vendor among our partners or use your own hardware for Jelastic platform setup.
We offer Standard and Enterprise Editions with an appropriate set of features available. To estimate the price for the required edition of the Jelastic platform installation you can use our Private Cloud Calculator.

Jelastic Software & Support Cost Vs. Alternatives (Over 3 Years)



Open-Source Solutions




Hosting Service Providers: Risk-free Revenue-Share

Jelastic provides Hosting Service Providers with a turnkey cloud solutions that provide your users with advanced cloud functionality and dramatically reduce your infrastructure cost.

Compete with Amazon and Google in cloud/PaaS or replace expensive VPS solutions while improving density and availability.

Developers and ISVs: Pay-per-Use

Jelastic offers truly flexible and elastic pricing for developers using our product through a hosting service provider. Our pricing is based upon resource usage so that developers pay only for resources in use by applications.

Our pricing model is based on units of resource called cloudlets. Each cloudlet represents approximately 400MHz of CPU and 128 MiB of RAM. You can set a minimum number of cloudlets to be reserved for your application and also set maximum limits should application demand increase. If you simply want a fixed bill every month, you can set a fixed number of cloudlets for your environment.

Billing is totally flexible and dynamic and you can change your limits at any time (or even hibernate your app).

Typical Developer Savings Using Jelastic (compared to Amazon EC2)









How Does Jelastic Charge for Resources?


RAM & CPU are measured in a Jelastic resource unit called a Cloudlet. A Cloudlet is roughly equivalent to 128 MiB RAM and 400MHz CPU.

Resources are charged on an hourly basis:

– RAM usage: the peak RAM usage over the hour
– CPU usage: the average CPU usage over the hour

When calculating your cloudlet usage, we only consider the larger of RAM or CPU usage each hour (not both combined). E.g. if during one hour your average CPU usage is 1200MHz (3 cloudlets), and your peak RAM usage is 1024 MiB (8 cloudlets), you pay for 8 cloudlets – not the combined total (11 cloudlets).

Disk Space

Disk Space usage is measured in GB. Like all Jelastic resources, you only pay for your actual consumption (you do not need to buy extra space “just in case” you need it).

Some hosting service providers include a free amount of disk space with every subscription.

IP Addresses

Public IPv4 is an external IP address which is directly accessible from outside of the cluster. This allows you to form direct connections between the Internet and specific servers within your environment. Otherwise (without buying a Public IPv4 address), traffic is routed from the Internet to your environment via the Jelastic traffic resolver.

Network Traffic

Traffic usage is measured in GB. Only external traffic (between your environment and the Internet) is charged.

Internal traffic (within your environment, or between environments at the same hosting provider) is absolutely free.


Jelastic SSL is a protocol which establishes a secure connection between your client and your Jelastic environment (some hosting providers offer this service free of charge).