Auto-Scalable Clustering for Managed Cloud Business Auto-Scalable Clustering for Managed Cloud Business

Cloud Pricing Models

for developers, ISVs and service providers

Auto-Scalable Clustering for Managed Cloud Business

Pricing Model Based on Deployment Type

Choose the cloud option with cost effective pricing model that meet your requirements

Easy deployment docker container

Public Cloud

Production-ready cloud platform for developers who need easy cloud start, dynamic scaling and PaaS automation. Run your applications with zero code change based on the pay-per-actual-use pricing model with hourly charges

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Automated Scaling docker hosting

Private Cloud

Enterprise private PaaS for companies that require advanced security, scalable hosting, easy infrastructure management and customization. Install the platform on your servers with license-based monthly payments

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Multi-Cloud Availability


Cloud business for service providers and data center operators. Offer PaaS automation, container & Kubernetes management, marketplace of popular applications on top of your infrastructure with revenue sharing model

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Public Cloud Pricing

Pay only for the resourses you really consume

Public Cloud Pricing

What is charged and how?

Jelastic platform is available across a wide choice of cloud hosting providers worldwide. Every provider offers its infrastructure, technical support and different value added services. RAM, CPU and disc space are charged on an hourly base only if they are actually used by the application. Additionally, the payment can be taken for enabled Public IP, SSL or external traffic.

Private Cloud Pricing

Cost effective for large-scale installations

Jelastic License
€1,200 / Annually

per physical host or large VM

Installation Fee
One Time Payment

fine tuning and configuration

Additional Professional Services

Jelastic team can help with specific customization and automation of the projects, providing the following set of additional paid services:

  • Migration from VM to Containers
  • Integration of custom services
  • Implementing a CI/CD pipeline
  • DevOps consultancies
  • Migration across clouds
  • Multi-cloud configuration

Partnership for Service Providers

Franchise with proven revenue sharing model

Revenue Sharing
Business License

turnkey technology and business pack

Installation Fee
One Time Payment

customization and training services

Professional Services Included for Free

  • Deployment & upgrade of the platform
    by Jelastic PSO team
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Technical support trainings
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Tools for billing system integration
  • Professional services for platform updates
  • Business kit and marketing trainings
  • Redirecting leads from Jelastic sources

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