Cloud Infrastructure

Scalable, Cost-Efficient and Multi-Purpose

Eliminate infrastructure management complexity through automated provisioning of compute, storage and network resources.


Easy Management

Get the system up and running smoothly. Built-in management and monitoring tools simplify the VMs orchestration in private and hybrid cloud environments

Cost Efficiency

Pricing policies that meet the requirements of public cloud hosting providers and private cloud customers. Turnkey solution and fast time to market with minimal investment.

Smooth Migration

Customization and architecture tuning for specific industry or workload requirements. Assistance while migration from any cloud or legacy infrastructure.

Key Benefits of the Cloud Infrastructure

Jelastic Cloud Infrastructure

The architecture of the solution is built out of service bricks that can be plugged in or disabled based on the specific needs of the project. Below you can check the map of the core components of Jelastic Cloud Infrastructure, how they are interconnected and in what way can be used.

Jelastic Cloud Infrastructure