Jelastic delivers Platform-as-Infrastructure as a complete stack allowing deployment of a working cloud solution in hours, not months. You provide a cluster of “bare-metal” servers, and we’ll deliver everything you need to deploy scalable, highly-available business applications in your cloud.


Jelastic provides everything you need to deploy a turnkey cloud solution:

– Operating System and core components
– Container technology
– Security and availability
– Management, analytics, billing and reporting
– Application environment, languages and tools

Configuration and Management

The Jelastic Cluster Admin panel provides a consolidated view of your cloud resources with sophisticated management and monitoring of the cluster.

The Jelastic Developer Dashboard creates and manages the application environment including application servers, load balancers and clustering and availability.

Application Development and Deployment

Jelastic provides developers with a powerful GUI to set up and manage application environments. Choose your software stack, set the limits for auto-scaling and pick your name. In just a few seconds your environment will be up and running.

Unlike other PaaS offerings, Jelastic does not require any changes to your application. No complex APIs to code to.

Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Jelastic provides automatic vertical scaling as applications demand more resources. In addition, if application demands shrink, resources are released back to the cloud, ensuring optimal application density.

If required, applications can scale horizontally across servers for performance or availability. In this case, Jelastic will automatically configure load balancing.