Jelastic provides a single point of management for cloud administrators via the Jelastic Cluster Admin panel and self-management for developers and DevOps using our Developer Dashboard.

Jelastic Cluster Admin Console

Jelastic’s Cluster Admin panel provides a consolidated view of your cloud resources.

  • Add servers to the cloud quickly and easily
  • Comprehensive analytics for all resources in the cloud
  • Performance metrics and tuning
  • Sophisticated user and security management features

Jelastic Developer Dashboard

The Jelastic Dashboard creates and manages the application environment including application servers, load balancers and clustering and availability.

  • Keeps server configurations up to date and consistent across the environment
  • Defines parameters for auto-scaling applications
  • Provides orchestration for application deployment, patches, updates and roll-backs

Jelastic Mobile App

The Jelastic iOS App delivers a powerful remote management tool for developers and DevOps.

  • View information related to your account: Email, group, status, account creation date and the balance on your account
  • Trace and change the state of your Java/PHP/Ruby/Node.js/Python environments
  • Track your balance and view billing history
  • Refill your account to get more resources for using Jelastic hosting services