Jelastic provides clustering and automatic replication for the highest availability. Advanced load balancing automatically shares the load between instances. Intelligent session replication with sticky sessions and seamless, automated app synchronization between containers guarantees maximum uptime.

Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure – The Highly Available Cloud

Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure manages compute resources as a utility. In a Jelastic cluster, a group of servers act as a single resource. Jelastic provides the ability to install, configure and manage the cluster from a single console, the Jelastic Cluster Administrator.

In a Jelastic Cluster, the Cluster Orchestrator runs the Jelastic Infrastructure. At least two servers are dedicated to the Cluster Orchestrator to guarantee maximum uptime.

Applications are run on any number of servers or hard nodes that are monitored and managed by the Cluster Orchestrator. Each of these application environments has built-in high availability features.

Automatic Load Balancing

Applications can be pre-configured to scale across multiple servers via the user interface. When additional server nodes are defined, a load balancer is automatically configured and activated to distribute the application load.

Application instances can be configured for maximum performance and availability using horizontal scaling.

Session Replication

Session replication is a mechanism used to replicate the data stored in a session between different instances which are part of the same cluster. When session replication is enabled in a cluster environment, the entire session data is copied on a replicated instance.

Session replication provides high reliability, scalability, and failover capabilities.

Live Migration

Live migration allows Jelastic to deliver all the needed resources for applications without restarting containers and causing application downtime.

As an application grows Jelastic will scale that application within its allocated server. If the server does not have resources to allocate Jelastic can scale across to another server rapidly. Live migration can perform this move without application downtime.

Live migration can also be used to move less-important applications to another node to free up resources on that node for an application to scale. In addition, it can be used during maintenance or other planned downtime to perform automated evacuation of containers from a physical server.

Isolated Containers

Container isolation for databases and application servers ensures that failure of any one component will not impact other containers.

Jelastic uses virtualization methodologies to run multiple virtual machines (containers) simultaneously on a single host. These containers are fully isolated with no risk of interfering with one another.

If the security of any container at the hardware node is compromised, the rest of the containers are left unaffected.