Custom Domain Name instead of Hoster Domain Name

With Jelastic you have a possibility to set your own external domain name for your URL instead of using your hoster domain name. Binding can be done in two ways: by adding CNAME record or by setting A Records.

A CNAME specifies an alias for a canonical name record in a Domain Name System (DNS) database. If you don't have your own Public IP, your URL is an alias for a single canonical name that is associated with a common Jelastic IP address in the DNS database. So in this case it's recommended to set your own custom domain by adding CNAME record.

A Record is an entry in your DNS zone file that maps each domain name to an IP address. When you type the browser goes to the nameserver for and asks for the A record. This record must point to an IP address, this will be the IP address of your web server. Setting your own custom external domain name using A Record is more appropriate if you have your own Public IP address. Follow the link to find the instruction on setting DNS A Records.

To use your own external domain name for your URL instead of environment_name.hoster_name by adding CNAME record, do the following steps:

  1. Log in to your domain registrator and add canonical name (CNAME), e.g., CNAME environment_name.{hoster_domain}. Your hoster domain you can find in Hosters Info

  2. Log in to the
    Jelastic Manager

  3. Click the Settings button (the wrench icon) for the environment which URL you wish to change.
  4. Enter your domain name e.g.,

  5. Click Bind in Domain binding section.
  6. binding

Note: It may be several minutes until the new URL takes effect.

Helpful Information: Information for Domain Binding