Docker ® Standard inside Jelastic

Production-ready multi-container orchestration in the Cloud

What is Docker ® Standard within Jelastic?

Docker addresses application assembly, delivery and portability, while Jelastic provides advanced orchestration and management of Docker ® containers.

Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Jelastic makes Docker ® containers production-ready and manageable for DevOps. Haven't tried it yet?

Contribution to Docker ® Templates

Advanced features and technologies added by Jelastic

Smart clustering for complex applications
Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling
Deploy across multiple containers
High availability and smart container distribution by load mark
Bind custom scripts on cloud events
Link support between containers on multiple hardware nodes
Built-in toolset for managing the container resources
Advanced app packing standard
Docker ® Registry Hub
Built-in pull functionality
CRIU support (live migration)
Advanced network isolation with own host-routed network interfaces
Ability to manage disk space size and data storage file in each container separately
Ability to limit disk I/O usage per container
Ability to set fair memory limits

Jelastic Implementation of Docker ® Images

Find out the inner world of Docker ® solution within Jelastic platform


Make Your App Production-Ready

Automation, security, optimization of resource consumption and flexibility

Our technology provides improvements and additional functionality in the areas of density, management tools and recovery. As a result, users now have more flexibility and options while installing any stack, application or system:
  • Live Migration and Offline Migration
  • Full Isolation and Security
  • High Availability
  • Smart Distribution of Containers
  • Software Defined Storage
  • High Density and Maximum Utilization of Server Resources
  • Hibernation of Dockerized Applications
  • Memory De-Duplication Technology
  • Full Orchestration of the Turnkey Cloud

Install and Manage Application Easily

Get full orchestration of your containerized application within Jelastic platform

With Jelastic, you get all necessary services and tools out-of-the-box to manage your Docker ® right from the admin panels for developers and cluster administrators. Developers can easily host and manage all types of applications or services, within a wide choice of data centers around the world with Jelastic installed on top.