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Automated Installation of Clustered Databases

Database clusterization is an obligatory requirement for highly loaded production applications to ensure data availability and high performance. However, the configuration of a reliable cluster is not a trivial task even for experienced developers and system administrators. To solve this problem, Jelastic introduced packages of popular database solutions with pre-configured clusterization to make applications highly available by default.


Built-In Database Auto-Clustering

Integrated clusterization of popular databases lets activate the required replication mode while creating cloud environment without manual setup

  • Primary-Secondary, Primary-Primary, Galera replication options
  • Load balancing with ProxySQL
  • Scalability and autodiscovery
  • Automated failover
  • Intuitive GUI for simplified cluster management

Forget Right-Sizing Problem

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Jelastic PaaS dynamically provides the number of cloudlets (RAM and CPU resources), which are required by your application to handle the current load. Just specify the maximum limit, and everything else will be performed by the platform automatically - no manual intervention required. Automatic vertical scaling ensures that you never overpay for unused capacities without experiencing a resource shortage. Learn More >>

Automatic Vertical Scaling
Automatic Horizontal Scaling

Automatic Horizontal Scaling

Automatic horizontal scaling is implemented with the help of the tunable triggers, which are custom conditions for nodes addition and removal based on the load. Every minute Jelastic analyses the average consumption of the resources to decide if the node count adjustment is required. All newly added containers of the single layer are created at the different hosts, providing advanced high-availability and failover protection. Learn More >>

Pay-per-Actual-Use Pricing

You can set up a maximum Scaling Limit for each database, so the resources will be always available. And no matter how high the limit is, the payment will be only based on real usage. The rest of allocated resources will be just waiting in the pool totally free of charge. This solves the right-sizing problem, as you don’t need to guess how much resources to allocate for a high performance during an average load and in case of load spikes. Learn More >>

Pay-per-Actual-Use Pricing

Big Data and Visual Analytics with Extended Database

  • Host scalable PostgreSQL databases that contain large amounts of data and complex materialized views
  • Run different parts and technologies under one single rooftop using containers
  • Reduced hosting expenses from 12k to 2k per month
“One of our chief goals was to gain flexible scaling for running a fast application that consists of many sub systems and operated in a perfect harmony within one single platform.”
Mapegy additional Mapegy
Mopegy topology

Digital Agency with Experience in Database Intense Apps

  • Creating and automating custom database clusterization, e.g. Percona XtraDB Galera Cluster
  • Using pre-configured MySQL database clusters available within the platform
  • Speed up testing and moving to production
“We have been using Jelastic for years and we believe it would be a real pain if, for some reason, we had to go back to our older setups with bare metal servers and classic-VPS environments.”
Darkpony additional Darkpony
Darkpony topology

Managed Database Hosting Business

Interested in building a managed hosting business around clustered databases? Get started with Jelastic partnership program and become a profitable Database-as-a-Service hosting provider:

  • Use already pre-packaged clusters or build your own custom
  • Installation, scaling, update and support require minimal to no involvement
  • 24/7 technical support and dedicated project manager
  • Marketing and sales assistance from Jelastic
  • Franchise with risk-free revenue sharing model
Managed Database Hosting Business

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