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Cloud Hosting Businessfor Service Providers

Monetize and manage
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Cloud Hosting Business for Service Providers

Transform Your Datacenter to Cloud Platform

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Extend Product Line Cloud Hosting Business

Extend Product Line

Provide cutting-edge technologies out-of-box under your own brand without need to build them or integrate from scratch

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Accelerate Time-to-Value Cloud Hosting Business

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Full-featured platform with built-in billing system can be installed and customized in your own datacenter or any IaaS in a matter of days

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Increase Efficiency and ROI Cloud Hosting Business

Increase Efficiency and ROI

Deploy containers and virtual machines side by side to meet various needs of customers without extra investments in infrastructure

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Simplify Cloud Management Cloud Hosting Business

Simplify Cloud Management

Get flexible and intuitive self-service portal for infrastructure and stacks orchestration, monitoring, user permissions control and white-labeling

Offer Anything-as-a-Service in a Turnkey Package

Service providers, telcos and system integrators can offer digital transformation and a variety of cloud services out-of-box using Jelastic PaaS. This turnkey cloud platform helps to provide end-customers with accelerated development, reduced cost, simplicity of application and infrastructure management, improved uptime and cyber security. A variety of services are pre-configured and ready-to-use by your clients, so there is no need to hire an expensive team of experts to build the solution or integrate it to the current product line.


Types of Customers You Get with Jelastic PaaS

Jelastic successfully serves the needs of customers from different spheres: software and web development, digital services, finance and e-commerce sector, system integrators, media and education, gaming, online medicine, delivery and many others. All these projects can extend your customer base.

Cloud Hosting Customers

Business and Technical Support Included

Jelastic team is fully responsible for PaaS deployment, configuration and necessary customization. Every partner receives support training, marketing & sales training and access to the business kit with a set of unique frameworks for helping service providers to boost their sales and generate superior revenue.

Platform Installation and White Labeling Background
Platform Installation and White Labeling Hosting Service Providers

Platform Installation
and White Labeling

24/7 Technical Support Background
24/7 Technical Support Hosting Service Providers

Technical Support

Dedicated Project Manager Background
Dedicated Project Manager Hosting Service Providers

Project Manager

Support Training and Certification Background
Support Training and Certification Hosting Service Providers

Support Training
and Certification

Marketing and Sales Training Background
Marketing and Sales Training Hosting Service Providers

and Sales Training

Go-to-Market and Business Kit Background
Go-to-Market and Business Kit Hosting Service Providers

and Business Kit

Easy Launch and Flexible Business Model

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Simplify Cloud Management Cloud Hosting Business

Revenue Sharing Model

We practice a revenue sharing model, so our own growth totally depends on the business performance of our partners. Thus, we share the same values, grow our joint business, help each other conquer new markets and customers together. We are in the same boat, our partner’s problems are our problems, and our partner’s success is our success.

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Simplify Cloud Management Cloud Hosting Business

Built-In Billing

The platform goes with a built-in billing engine that makes it possible to connect billing systems like WHMCS, HostBill, Cleverbridge, CloudBlue and others. Plus, you can integrate your own custom billing solution through the API and keep using the same flow your customers already got used to.

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Simplify Cloud Management Cloud Hosting Business

Unified Admin Panel

Powerful and intuitive control panel for platform monitoring, hosts tuning, statistics reports, tariffs management, billing data review, permissions and quotas assigning, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Such unified experience highly simplifies cloud infrastructure management and users’ support.

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Simplify Cloud Management Cloud Hosting Business

Up and Running in Hours

Jelastic PaaS can be installed and configured in hours on top of bare metal or any IaaS, no need for months of development, customization and integration work. Just provide infrastructure details and our professional team will smoothly launch the system using best practices and your preferences.

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Join Cloud Union of Global Service Providers

Jelastic PaaS is a cloud platform already proven by a vast number of service providers from different parts of the world. Become a part of Cloud Union and get access to the distributed network of MSPs and CSPs to arrange partner relationships, reselling cooperation, discuss business ideas, and explore best practices from like-minded fellows.

100+ data centers from 65+ local providers in 38 countries
Public Cloud Service Providers
Jim Groom, Reclaim Hosting

"Reclaim Hosting has wanted to provide its users access to a wide range of technologies beyond the traditional LAMP-based cPanel stack. With the demand of next generation applications that run across a wide-range of technology stacks and customized containers, it has become a crucial move for both our community and the future of our company to expand its offerings with Jelastic PaaS"

Jim Groom, co-founder of Reclaim Hosting

Matthieu Robin, Hidora

“Partnering with Jelastic, we can provide advanced technology with the support of Docker containers, popular application servers and technology stacks. DevOps can build, ship and run their applications with high-availability in a matter of seconds. What is more, Hidora now provides autoscaling feature - the best argument for customers who want to pay only for what they consume"

Matthieu Robin, CEO and co-founder of Hidora

Matthew Ayres, Togglebox

“Jelastic was built for hosting providers so it provides Togglebox all the features we need to stay competitive and deliver the best technology and flexibility to our customers. Our partnership with Jelastic provides numerous next-generation features to our existing client base and will also deliver an economical alternative to AWS and Azure which will support our ongoing business growth”

Matthew Ayres, Togglebox CEO

Mark Oehler, Infomaniak

“With the launch of a new type of PaaS servers, Infomaniak confirms the power of its Public Cloud and establishes itself as a prime and comprehensive alternative to the web giants”

Mark Oehler, CEO of Infomaniak

Hermes N Stephanou, PrimeTel

"As a technology partner, Jelastic brings us a next-generation cloud platform. It integrates seamlessly within our services and reduces the cost of ownership, while increasing flexibility and performance by utilizing PrimeTel’s high speed local and international network."

Hermes N Stephanou, PrimeTel CEO

Gabriele Sposato, Aruba

“With Jelastic Cloud, Aruba now offers an innovative solution based on container technology which, thanks to its extreme ease of configuration, the scalability of resources and the constantly updated marketplace, represents a valid alternative to the proposals on the market."

Gabriele Sposato, Marketing Director at Aruba

Henrik Grankvist, ELASTX

“We evaluated a number of different solutions, with Jelastic we found that it was very stable, with good performance and the technical evolvement was very nice. Our end users appreciate the ease of use and vertical scaling.”

Henrik Grankvist, COO at ELASTX

Damien Ransome, Layershift

“Before Jelastic we were primarily a VPS provider. We provided just the basic LAMP stack via the Plesk control panel. That works fine for a single server, but if customers needed more like a load balancer, it was quite a lot of effort for us to provision and maintain that service. With Jelastic we can do that for our customers really easily; it’s just a few clicks.”

Damien Ransome, Co-Founder and Director of Layershift

Fabio Vieira, SaveInCloud

“This partnership helps us to offer progressive hosting services for LATAM DevOps, enabling low latency due to available locally data servers, proficient technical support and high-level of performance. Now we provide the ultimate PaaS for local developers”

Fabio Vieira, SaveInCloud CEO and founder

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