Webinar Recording: Jelastic Private Cloud – Unlimited PaaS + IaaS

| December 2, 2014

Ruslan SynytskyJelastic CEO and Co-founder Ruslan Synytsky held a webinar last week and demonstrated the strengths of Jelastic technology in practice. Here are just a few of the topics he covered.

Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Jelastic provides automatic vertical scaling as applications demand more resources. In addition, if an application does not require a full set of resources, they are released back to the cloud, ensuring optimal application performance and reduced costs. If required, applications can scale horizontally across servers to provide an even higher level of performance as the load increases. In this case, Jelastic will automatically configure load balancing and distribute the middleware stacks of one environment among different physical servers to minimize any possibility of downtime.


Jelastic’s Unlimited PaaS + IaaS manages compute resources as a utility. In a Jelastic cluster, a group of servers act as a single resource. Jelastic provides the ability to install, configure and manage the cluster from a single console, the Jelastic Cluster Administrator. The Jelastic Cluster Orchestrator runs the whole Jelastic Infrastructure. At least two servers are dedicated to the Cluster Orchestrator to guarantee maximum uptime. Applications are run on hardware nodes that are monitored and managed by the Cluster Orchestrator. In case the load on a hardware node is growing, the containers with the applications can be easily migrated to the other node without any impact on the app performance. In addition, each application environment has built-in high availability features.

Application Lifecycle Management

Application lifecycle management becomes a lot easier thanks to the automation of routine operations (creating or cloning environments, building and deploying projects, binding and swapping domains, etc). One of the best practices is to clone your production environment and continue with development using the copy. When all needed settings at the cloned environment are finished, you can just swap domains to make the updated version up and running on production. In such a way, your application can be updated or improved and at the same time, work without any interruptions for the end-users.

Custom and Jelastic SSL (in just a few clicks)

SSL certificate support gives a significant level of security for your domain names. With Jelastic Unlimited PaaS, hosting of applications that need SSL becomes fairly easy. In addition to the Jelastic SSL, we provide an ability to upload and use custom SSL certificates for your environments. Jelastic supports the following certificate types:

  • Self-signed
  • Wildcard
  • Multiple domain
  • Extended validation single domain
  • Extended validation multiple domain
  • UCC Exchange
  • Low assurance/domain-validated certificate
  • Code signing certificate
  • Email certificate
  • Root signing certificate

Marketplace (one-click installation)

At Jelastic’s Marketplace, you can easily find and install popular applications such as content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Magnolia), wikis, forums, image galleries, project management tools, mail apps and more. It’s so simple. Just select the app you wish to have installed and hosted (Jelastic will select a hosting provider in your region based on your IP address or you can choose the one you prefer), enter your email address and Jelastic will automatically create an environment and install your chosen app in just one-click.

Watch the Complete Webinar

To see all of these features for yourself, register for a free two-week trial and take Jelastic for a test drive.