Web Development is Moving to Jelastic Private Cloud

| January 25, 2017

private cloud use caseWhat are the reasons to move the project to the Private Cloud? And what are the factors that influence the choice of the cloud platform?

Let’s find out the answer based on the real case of Dotweblabs, a company from the Philippines that offers web design, development and hosting services. Recently, they moved the workloads to the Jelastic Private Cloud on top of Packet infrastructure, so we’ve interviewed the co-founder of Dotweblabs to get more details about this shift.

Tell us about your company/project. When was it created/launched?

We do web design, web hosting, and mobile application development since October 2015. Today, we have accumulated more than 10 active clients.

What cloud hosting solutions you previously used?

We have used almost all hosting sites like Google App Engine (GAE), Amazon EC2 (and also Elastic Beanstalk), Rackspace and Heroku.1

What was the challenge you faced while setting up and hosting your project? What problems had you to solve?

With GAE, it was easy to setup our environment. The only drawback is the limited control we have over certain things related to domains and forwarding etc. That did not allow full functioning of our project technology. That is when we decided to turn to AWS and Rackspace. There we had complete control, but unlike the previous host, it was very hard to set up things manually. Every time we need to configure the project, it was a total pain, and as a result, we had to do more IT tasks than we should.

When we found about Jelastic, the experience changed. There was the perfect balance of control over our environments with ease of setup. At first, we were running our applications in the Jelastic public cloud at one of the hosting providers, and after the growth, we decided to move to the dedicated server with private cloud installation.

What were the key reasons to move to Jelastic? What features/services attracted you?

Control over our environment, not limited like other PaaS. Besides, Jelastic is easy to use, setup and maintain.

Why did you choose Packet for running Jelastic platform?

We saw the advertisement about the Private Cloud with $5 USD cost per day. The costing is very attractive, so we researched about it and based on the information we have acquired, it is a great deal.private cloud platform

How have you set up your environment/workload (what stacks are used for your project and how they are interconnected)?

We primarily run Java environments with Tomcat servers balanced by Nginx. Also, we have Node.js servers and MongoDB databases.why move to Jelastic private cloud

What were the results when you switched to Jelastic? Did you see a performance increase?

Yes, before we switched to Jelastic our servers were scattered across different vendors and the performance was very slow, now it is much faster.

What was the cost difference? Do you benefit from automatic vertical scaling?

I think so since we don’t have to worry about load change anymore, we can focus on our direct tasks and leave the servers as it is for most of the time. It is an entirely time-saving approach. Consequently, cost saving at the same time.

Are you satisfied with the support?

Yes, the Jelastic support was very responsive even before we have the servers up and running.

What features you still require and would like us to add?

So far we are satisfied with Jelastic’s functionality. However, support Google App Engine through Capedwarf or Appscale would be very helpful, as it will ease the process of migration from previously used platforms.

Your general impression and highlights of using the platform.

Again, Jelastic is a great platform, only with Jelastic we have realized and implemented a fully working prototype of our product. So, we plan to proceed using it as we grow.

As you see, the most important points for Dotweblabs are full control over environments, easy setup, and usage. And what matters to you? Contact us to get a solution for your specific case.

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