We are now available commercially in Europe!

| May 22, 2012

In partnership with dogado, we are now available commercially in Germany

The last few weeks have been hectic here at Jelastic! We launched commercially in the US with ServInt; then we did the same in Russian with Rusonyx; and now we have launched commercially in Europe with Germany.

Now in Europe

Our commercial release with dogado is being launched with a Germany company, from a German data center. This will allow you and other developers and SMBs to have access to a world-class Java host without any limitations.

Disrupting the PaaS Space

If you haven't noticed, here at Jelastic, we aren't doing things they way everyone else is; from how we deliver our platform to you, to how easy it is deploy applications to the Cloud, we want to remove the barriers that the "Establishment" has put in place--players like Amazon, Google and Cloud Foundry.

  • They made it to where you had to learn all about how their platform worked and what kind of limitations it placed on your code and applications before you could even code, or worse, recode; we eliminated the learning curve by having the coolest UI in the industry--that anyone can use, techie or not.
  • They set up custom app engines, proprietary databases and internal commands that added to the learning curve and made it more time consuming and difficult to get up and running; we made our platform standards-based and software stack agnostic.
  • They expected you to recode your application if you were coming from another hosting provider; we made our platform with you in mind: using standard, well known software stacks.
  • They may have made it to where you could deploy your apps to the cloud more easily than before, but not without adding another layer of complexity; we made it easy.

Thank You

Were it not for all of our beta testers, trial users and feature and bug submitters, Jelastic would not have grown as fast as it has been. (over 18,000 users in 8 months!!!)

Thank you.

One more thing...

We aren't done yet. We aren't anywhere close to it. The PaaS space needs a swift kick to the rear to realize that it's been doing things all wrong. And we are just the guys for it. But we can't do it alone. We will need your help to make sure that the best ideas for features and addons surface and get implemented. We will need you to tell us when something is wrong, or when we are doing something that slows the vision down.

If you want to check out the original release that went our earlier today on the commercial launch with dogado, you can check it out here: Jelastic PaaS for Java Hosting Continues Global Expansion with Commercial Launch in Germany.