Ways to Convert Trial Users into Paying Customers of Your Hosting Services

| September 29, 2016

Some time ago we've already started sharing some useful pieces of advice on how to gain more traffic and increase registrations. And now we will share 8 secrets of motivating trial users to become paying customers.juniver-jelastic

Trial period is the best time to grow interest to your product among your customers, so you need to prove them that you are the best service provider:

1. Provide Analytics Reports

You can prepare a competitors analysis and highlight your strong points. Do not over-praise yourself - it is normal to have drawbacks - just provide a positive spin on the area of your target market.

2. Soft Onboarding Process

Make the onboarding process as easy as possible, preventing customers from completing the unnecessary actions.

3. Monitor Metrics

If you have to increase the conversion rate, you need to monitor some basic retention metrics, such as page views, time spent on the site, etc.

4. Remind via Mailing

People often forget about something, so even best of the best products needs to be mailed about. Yes, it is another piece of work, but you still want to increase the conversion. The most optimal way of reminding is a series of mails to encourage users start paying. Mail them softly, for not being marked as spam-mailer. Provide some tips or just educational materials.

Important: Do not show all the features in your mailing campaigns - highlight only one and describe why customers can hardly live without this feature.

5. Get in Touch

One of the biggest problems of service providers is “building a wall” between them and their customers. If you want to know how to grow your revenue, you should help users to solve challenges during trial period. Data say that trial customers support gives +800 to a conversion from trial to paid and +100500 to your karma, of course 🙂

6. Educate Your Clients

No doubt you know your platform, its peculiarities and strong points, but users need to be well-educated to value and experience all the available benefits to the fullest.

7. Payment Issues

Choose the most soften plan for payment requirement - think about your pricing plan, possible discounts, and bonus resources, etc.

8. Request a Feedback

Ask your customers to provide a feedback on using your solution - does it fit them, what would they recommend to change, do they need any guides.

Remember to always consider Free Trial as the main jumpstart to your revenue. It is the best time to persuade potential customers that they made the right choice by registering at your platform.

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