Why you should Vote for Jelastic for a JCP Executive Committee Open Seat

| November 4, 2014

Jelastic is being considered as an Elected Candidate (EC) at the Java Community Process Program (JCP), for an EC seat. There are 5 open seats and 11 candidates.

I want to explain more about Jelastic, our contributions and support of Java, why we deserve your vote and our plans if we are elected.

You can listen to my "Meet the Candidates" call here from last week.

About Jelastic

Jelastic is a software company that delivers a turnkey cloud platform to cloud hosting service providers, ISVs, system integrators and enterprises. We are focused on development of Unlimited PaaS, together with IaaS in one turnkey cloud solution.

The name of Jelastic is actually a mix of two words Java and Elastic, and Jelastic is written on Java.

Jelastic helped Java to survive in the hosting industry; we enabled many hosting service providers to deliver a cloud hosting platform for Java applications around the world. Today, it’s available in approximately 25 countries, and the number is growing.

Our Goal

To provide the ability to avoid lock-in to any cloud vendor or any cloud solution. The main differences between other cloud solutions are freedom of choice – freedom of choice enables public cloud vendors in various countries, the freedom of choice between numerous private cloud systems integrators.

Jelastic is the only Cloud Company whose underlying platform is Java, and we have the expertise to influence the decisions and the direction relating to Java and Cloud.

To put it simply, our goal is to improve Java for the Cloud.

For example, to make Java applications more elastic, we provide the ability to reduce RAM usage on the fly and return it back to the OS/resources pool when it’s not needed anymore without performance impact. To make Java more dynamic, we would like to implement the ability to reload all configurations/settings such as Xmx on the fly, without the need to restart an application/JVM, to bring/adapt desktop applications to the cloud and other important improvements.

We can also help:

  • to improve debugging of Java applications in the cloud
  • to improve performance analysis of Java applications in the cloud
  • to simplify and automate configuration of complex clustered Java applications in the cloud

I think these days, everybody understands that Cloud is an important frontier for Java, because it is a new market, it’s relatively new technology, and Java needs more improvements here.

I also asked Bruno Souza and Markus Eisele what they think about cloud, Java in the cloud, its development in this direction, the latest trends and required changes. Here is what they said:

Markus Eisele is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat focusing on JBoss Middleware , Java EE addict and an Oracle ACE Director.

"In future development scenarios, a variety of xPaaS tools will make it easy to switch containers from a local configuration to the cloud while maintaining integrations with other containers, including your IDE. Profiles and containers will be the landscape of your projects in the future. The only difference is that you now rely heavily on a network connection that might involve latencies and minor wait times."

Bruno Souza is a Brazilian Java programmer and open source software advocate and a JCP Member.

"It's said that Cloud Computing is important because it is economically inevitable. But more then that, the cloud turns hardware into software. Infrastructure, be it a server, storage or even the network, becomes code. That has a profound impact in how we develop or even think about software. Java is the world's most important development technology and has a strong impact in the evolution of the cloud. But also the cloud affects the evolution and the priorities of Java's ecosystem. The JCP needs to have a strong participation on that discussion, that will shape the future of Java itself."

The 2014 Java Community Process (JCP) program Executive Committee (EC) ballot opened Tuesday, 28 October, and the nomination materials for all of the candidates have been posted on JCP.org.

If you believe Jelastic deserves a seat and you are a JCP member, please vote for us!

To view the ballot and cast your vote, go to: https://eballot4.votenet.com/jcp