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| November 24, 2014

It's time to decide, to vote and potentially alter the ego of an interesting developer.

Meet our top 9 monthly winners!


Edson YanagaEdson Yanaga is a Software Craftsman, with a particular taste for difficult projects. He considers his craft more than a job: it’s his life’s purpose. Frequent speaker on Brazilian and International conferences talking about Java, ALM, Cloud Computing, DevOps and Software Craftsmanship. Agile early-adopter and practitioner since 2004, he’s also an Open Source user, advocate and developer. Currently he uses his skills as a Technical Leader at Produtec Informática and as a Principal Consultant at Ínsula Tecnologia in projects involving Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems and Services. Edson is also a post-graduate professor in several institutions. He holds several certifications (7), begin the majority of them dedicated to the Java Platform.

Find out more about Edson here.

Richard HughesRichard Hughes is a ColdFusion developer who water skis, snow skis, scuba dives, sky dives and is a fervent second amendment supporter. He has competed in autocross in the Porsche Club of America and driven Bridgehampton, Watkins Glenn and Lime Rock race tracks with the Porsche Club. He has always loved flying and once he got his pilot’s license, he purchased a Cozy III aircraft based on a design by Burt Rutan. It experienced an engine failure and Richard was forced to land in a residential neighborhood, hitting two houses. The second plane had a propeller failure that ended in a forced landing on a road and hitting a car.

Find out more about Richard here.


john-sonmezJohn Sonmez is the founder of Simple Programmer, where he tirelessly pursues his vision of transforming complex issues into simple solutions. John has published over 50 courses on topics such as iOS, Android, .NET, Java, and game development for the online developer training resource, Pluralsight. He also hosts the Get Up and CODE podcast, where he talks about fitness for programmers. John is a life coach for software developers, and helps software engineers, programmers and other technical professionals boost their careers and live a more fulfilled life. He empowers them to accomplish their goals by making the complex simple.

Find out more about John here.

Christoph Engelbert is a passionate Java developer with a deep commitment for Open Source software, mostly interested in Performance Optimizations and understanding the internals of the JVM and the Garbage Collector. He loves to bring software to it’s limits by looking into profilers and finding problems inside of the codebase. In addition, he is highly in interested in new ideas, technologies and new ways of solving problems. He has a deep understanding of IP based technologies like Protocol Stacks, TCP, UDP and asynchronous service implementations and fast serialization solutions. Normally Christoph doesn’t like to reinvent the wheel but he does like to do so if there is a reason and a chance to make it faster or easier to use.

Find out more about Christoph here.


Vlad MihalceaVlad Mihalcea is a passionate software architect interested in designing optimal technical solutions. He has always been attracted to concurrency challenges, multi-threading processing tasks or online transaction processing. He is the author of Flexy-Pool, an empirical connection pooling sizing utility and he also teaches a free Hibernate master class course. Whenever he employs a certain framework, it becomes part of his current project, meaning he has the responsibility of knowing its source code. Vlad believes that if you want to master a certain framework you have to do more than reading the reference documentation. He appreciates the true value of both SQL and NoSQL solutions, ORM solutions like Hibernate and advanced querying frameworks, such as JOOQ.

Find out more about Vlad here.

William SikkensWilliam Sikkens has been part of the technology industry since the early 1990′s. His first programming project was to create software for a local paralegal office in Reno while he was still in high school. During that time he also assisted in upgrading the library at McQueen to a digital book catalog for which he was awarded the annual Soroptimist International recognition. William started his career after finishing school working for Norwest/Wells Fargo Bank running the network for Nevada and then moved over the years to Intel and a number of other fortune 500 companies as a contractor. He has been at the helm of Cumulus since it started as a store in Park Lane Mall under the name Crossbow PC Consultants. Bill is also a quantum physicist and has a knighthood in two Orders.

Find out more about William here.


Nathalie WassgrenNathalie Wassgren is a Swedish web developer and music lover who’s got a healthy obsession for finding out trivia on a daily basis (don’t you agree that nothing is too dull to Google?). She loves the fact that she, as a developer, holds the power to turn an idea into reality and therefore considers it to be her duty to make this happen. Luckily, the art of developing also happens to be one of the best things she knows. One of Nathalie’s strengths lies in her broad knowledge of UX, frontend and backend development, and system architecture. This combined with her creative mind and her way of coming up with new ideas makes her cut out for system development.

Find out more about Nathalie here.

Fabrizio GianneschiFabrizio Gianneschi is an engineer who works as a technical officer for the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy) and, as a freelance IT consultant, for local companies and professionals. He is one of founders of the Sardinian Java User Group,
that he led as chairman for years, as well as a known member of the international community of the JUGs leaders. Fabrizio is also a member of the Java Champions, an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle.

Find out more about Fabrizio here.


Ismet Ozalpİsmet Özalp is a software developer, scholar and an entrepreneur. He launched his first startup at the age of 16 and at 19, left his company to study computer science and engineering. After graduation, he worked as a software developer and then attended graduate school to continue his studies in computer science. In 2007 he relocated to New York where he did his masters degree at New York University. Upon graduation, he moved back to his hometown Istanbul, where he attended Sabanci University and he is still pursuing a PhD degree in computer science and engineering. He worked as a research assistant and contributed to a European Union project called Ubipol. In 2013 he launched Hive Informatics and Software Inc.

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