Updates to Jelastic

| March 27, 2012

Over the next couple of days, March 28 and 29, we are going to be updating Jelastic. We will upgrading the dashboard, the different interfaces, the environment creation UI, as well as doing a number of internal updates to make Jelastic that much better.

On March 28th, at 2AM CST, we will be updating Servint.

On March 29th, at 2AM CST, will be updating dogado/HostEurope.

There will not be any downtime for any existing environments, but the dashboard will not be available for few hours.

So, what exactly will those changes be? I'll separate the changes into visible and "under-the-hood" upgrades.

Internal Upgrades

  • Faster and more stable statistics collection on resource consumption
  • Improved CPU consumption calculation for more accurate stats
  • The javaagent parameter will be available to users
  • Totally new pool manager: it will increase the speed of environment creation as well as increase stability
  • Template updates:
    • PostgreSQL: updated to 8.4.1
    • MariaDB: updated to 5.2.10
    • MongoDB: updated to 2.0.2
    • MySQL: updated to 5.5

Upgrades and Changes to the Dashboard

These are new elements that you will see in your updated dashboard:

  • In Statistics: HDD usage will be tracked and displayed conveniently
  • New icon showing HDD usage for each container within an environment
  • Updates within the Environment Creation Wizard:
    • Total redesign: better layout, better widgets, better looking (basically, awesome-er)
    • Vertical scaling: you will be able to set vertical scaling separately for each type of container
    • New, interactive popup tips and helps
  • "Report Bug" button: you will be able to reach support directly with bug issues and have the necessary technical data included in the report
  • Elimination of timeout error (generated by browser) seen when environment creation (like with Glassfish) takes longer than ten minutes
  • New environment topology output: will now have environment type, as well as updated icons and an overall, aesthetic update
  • Localization: will now support German, English, Russian and Japanese languages, all of which can be changed on the fly
  • Will now see who your hoster is in the header

A ton of great stuff is going into this update and you will notice it immediately when you login after the update.

We are really excited about this and can't wait to show you what we have been working on.