UniCloud Combines Crowdsourcing and Gamification to Launch Jelastic Cloud

| March 12, 2015

Today we announced the commercial launch of our Polish partner Unizeto who have launched UniCloud, powered by Jelastic.
During their beta testing they had more than 5,000 users!  Quite remarkable.
So how did they do it?  By combining crowdsourcing and gamification and making it interactive, rewarding and fun!

Below is an excerpt of the press release

Unizeto Technologies a launched successful new brand on the polish market - UniCloud - to deliver the Jelastic cloud platform via a game challenge. Users are invited to participate in a game, a challenge of quests, where they earn rewards or “loot” by exchanging experience points. They compete against other Jelastic users via a leaderboard to see who is the ultimate winner.
“Unizeto have blown our minds with the unique and collaborative way they have launched Jelastic via UniCloud,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “Registered users must perform quests to accumulate experience points which they can then redeem for prizes and/or for free 1-3 months subscription. For example, the second quest is a simple task of creating an environment and installing Magento via the Marketplace. The third quest involves installing Joomla via the Jelastic dashboard, cloning the whole environment and giving permissions to manage a clone for a new email address.”
Registration for the beta test began in November 2014 and was reminiscent of the game "RPG" and the implementation was met with great interest. Internet users who have agreed to play, are given the opportunity to gain points for the service, perform the tasks associated with using UniCloud and sharing of suggestions and ideas at “The Chamber of Confidences”. This allows users to add their comments and vote on proposals for changes made by other users, thereby defining the priorities for the development of the platform.
In less than two weeks from the beta launch of the platform, the number of registered persons participating in the beta had doubled and thanks to their feedback, UniCloud were able to effectively reduce test costs and better match the real needs of the service to customers, which is a key element to implementing UniCloud’s platform on the market. The number of users currently at 5,000 continues to grow, despite the complete cessation of paid advertising activities.
“Use of gamification and crowdsourcing can give very spectacular results in marketing activities. Gamification is injecting elements of fun to perform. This is done mostly by a mechanism of known games - points, leaderboards, challenges and levels.” said Paul Tkaczyk, author of "Gamification" and polish agency owner. “This solution gives the company a competitive advantage through cost reductions and fresh adaptation to the customer's expectations with respect to the beta test, which in themselves are not always seen as an attractive process.”
As of March 12, everyone can try UniCloud’s Platform in a free trial and provide feedback or have direct contact with Polish support. For technical and pricing details, visit UniCloud’s website.
Read the complete release here.