Top Publications of Jelastic PaaS in 2017: from Containers to Multi-Cloud

| January 3, 2018

We made it a rule to constantly produce materials that are useful for our customers: technical articles, overviews of trends, business growth hacks, webinars with the specific demo, use cases and others. All content is aimed to keep our community up to date, educate and share the expertise in the areas like cloud computing, containers, DevOps, multi-cloud, topics oriented on specific programming languages and on application lifecycle management in general. 2017 was not an exception, so let’s recollect the most read publications made by Jelastic team throughout the year.

Blog Publications

Jelastic Blog brings a quite enlightening mission of keeping all our customers, partners, and subscribers updated with the helpful how-to articles, latest news, and platform releases, cloud hosting use cases and informative guides. This year we posted more than 90 publications and have rounded up the most popular articles among our readers.

Top 10 step-by-step instructions and technical tips:

Top 5 business growth and cost reduction articles:

Use Cases and Success Stories

Last year we prepared a set of whitepapers, blog case studies and video interviews with Jelastic partners and customers.

The following hosting partners shared their strategies and the steps performed to grow and compete on the market:

Also, we reached our customers to gather feedback about the platform functionality, support level, and custom use cases:

Are you a customer of Jelastic and have a feedback or interesting case to share? Please get in touch with us via

External Media Coverage

Jelastic team is constantly working on the useful content creation and spreading to the community of users and partners. So it is especially pleasant to see that these materials are evaluated by external media and chosen to be published:

We have lots of plans and intentions in 2018, aiming to bring even more interesting materials within the Cloud world. Stay with us to get the latest updates in this cosmic PaaS journey!