Top 10 Most Popular Cloud Applications for Your Project Just in One Click

| July 4, 2017

Every business or project needs a right set of tools to get the work done and achieve the required results. However, there is one pitfall in using 3rd party tools: you can waste much time on the installation and configuration of them, that may shift the main company's  focus.

In order to eliminate this problem, Jelastic packaged the most popular applications and tools for one-click installation and gathered all of them in the Marketplace and GitHub repo for the maximum convenience of customers. Today we'd like to present top 10 applications that are widely chosen by Jelastic customers for installation in one click.

Let's Encrypt Free SSL

Let’s Encrypt is a free and open Certificate Authority, that simplifies and automates processes of browser-trusted SSL certificates issuing and appliance. This is achieved through obtaining a browser-trusted SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt and attaching it to environment entry point (i.e. either compute node or load balancer). Upon integrating such certificate into your application, it will start supporting secure connection via the HTTPS protocol.

The Let’s Encrypt add-on allows to configure SSL for:

  • Internal environment address (i.e. the one that contains platform domain name). Hence, it can be used for different testing tasks.
  • Custom domain, including multiple ones (each of them should be preliminarily bound to external IP of the corresponding node - either master application server instance or load balancer - via A Record or CNAME). This action provides trusted SSL certificates for production applications.
Install Let`s Encrypt in one click at one of Jelastic hosting providers!

 Let's Encrypt Free SSL


Every web designer knows about WordPress, that remains the most popular tool for running website or blog.

Some time ago our hosting partner DataCenter Finland performed a very curious investigation on how to deploy WordPress at different cloud platforms: AWS, Azure and Jelastic. Watch the video to see results.

We prepared several WordPress packages, ready to be installed automatically:

  • Simple WordPress package is designed to handle big load spikes by adjusting the allocated resources and topology configuration with a help of vertical and horizontal scaling. It provides a very cost effective solution for websites and blogs with variable load.
  • Auto-scalable WordPress Cluster ensures the load tracking and distribution, as well as automatic adjusting the amount of allocated resources according to the load.
  • WordPress Cluster + Lsyncd provides high availability for each layer and autoscaling for application server layer out-of-the-box. File synchronization between compute nodes is based on Lsycnd and rsyncd services.
Choose your package and install your own WordPress cluster to get your own highly productive CMS.

Wordpress hosting

Cyclos 4

Cyclos is a complete on-line banking system with additional modules such as e-commerce and communication tools. With a dynamic structure of Cyclos, you can ‘build’ a dedicated payment system from scratch just by changing the configurations. Cyclos is used by local banks, C3 networks, MFI's, barters, community currencies and time banks.

In Jelastic you can run Cyclos 4 Pro on top of Tomcat with PostgreSQL.

Get Cyclos hosted on Jelastic Cloud just in one click.

Cyclos4 install

New Relic

New Relic is an application performance monitoring tool for Developers and SysAdmins, focused on providing the deep insight into the project’s performance and reliability in real-time. Designed to pinpoint and diagnose the occurred issues, it can track throughput of your web transactions, analyze application exceptions, find slowness in queries or web requests and provides useful data for the fast and comfortable troubleshooting.

Since New Relic is one of the most frequently used and extremely popular solutions for supervising application metrics, Jelastic prepared a special add-on to install this software in a single mouse click and start tracking the most crucial application server information in a matter of minutes.

As an addition, the provided package includes the embedded option for automatic checking of available updates – in such a way, you can be always up-to-date on the most recent cool features and possibilities the New Relic team provides.

Install New Relic and start tracking your application server information within minutes.

New Relic hosting

File Synchronization

As traffic of your project increases you need to improve your app performance to keep up with it. A solution to this is to migrate your application on multiple web servers. And at this stage, you’ll face the need to set up file synchronization.

To get the required result, Jelastic File Synchronization Add-on can be used. It automatically installs Lsyncd on each app server available in the environment. You can also specify the folders you want to be automatically synchronized.

Lsyncd is coupled with inotify to initiate file sync only if it has detected any actual changes in the system. In such a way, the load on CPU is decreased and you do not burn up many resources on processing the synchronization.

Install the File Synchronization add-on and keep all your uploaded files in sync.

synchronize app servers

MySQL DB Auto-Clustering

This package deploys scalable MySQL Cluster, consisting of one master database and the required number of slave database containers. The data from one database server (the master) is replicated to the other (the slave) asynchronously through the following mechanism: the master logs the updates that later ripple through to the slave, and the slave outputs a message that the update is successfully received, thus allowing to send the subsequent updates.
Within the package, each database container receives the default vertical scaling limit up to 8 dynamic cloudlets (or 1 GiB of RAM and 3.2 GHz of CPU) that are provided based on the load.
You can adjust the exact number of slaves within the Containers field during the package installation stage, moreover, you can also scale containers after installation in the topology wizard and all the newly added nodes will be automatically configured as slaves to the initial master MySQL.

Install MySQL in one click and keep your data secure + highly available.

MySQL database replication


Magento is considered to be one of the most robust, flexible and scalable open source e-commerce platforms on the market. It is well known in the developer community for its use of object-oriented programming (OOP) and especially for its use of the EAV model. This allows Magento to be much more versatile than most e-commerce platforms at storing a large range of data.

Install Magento in one click at Jelastic and let your online business grow drastically!

e-commerce platform


Joomla! CMS is a highly popular open-source software, intended for building websites and powerful online applications. It provides extensible and easy-to-use ecosystem, that enables to empower applications of all shapes and sizes. Since Joomla is a free CMS, it delivers the most demanded and frequently used functionality by default. However, there exist thousands of both free and commercial extensions to satisfy any specialized needs.

The Jelastic package deploys Joomla that initially contains 1 Apache application server and 1 MySQL database container. The package provides vertical scaling per node and horizontal scaling for each layer out-of-the-box.

Install Joomla! CMS in one click to build websites and manage your content with minimal technical skills required.

Joomla! CMS


ownCloud is a file sharing server that puts the control and security of your own data back into your hands.

You can store your contacts and calendar as well as files on ownCloud. Once you install data on a server, you can access your private data in an easy to use web interface or synchronize it with your devices like Android and iPhones.

One-click installation package deploys ownCloud with 1 Apache application server and 1 MySQL database container.

Get your own free cloud storage by installing ownCloud in one click at Jelastic.

free cloud storage


Drupal is a content management software, that is used for running a huge number of websites and applications you meet every day. Drupal has great standard features (like easy content authoring, reliable performance, excellent security) but its chief benefit is flexibility plus helpful tools, aimed to build the versatile, structured content for dynamic web experiences.

Jelastic package installs Drupal with 1 Apache application server and 1 MySQL database container.

Install Drupal in one click to easily manage every aspect of your website, from adding content and images to updating a product catalog, processing credit card payments or taking online reservations right in the cloud.

Drupal hosting

We hope this article was useful! If you want to install one of the abovementioned tools for running your projects in the effective and highly productive way -  don't hesitate to get it easily with no manual settings required.

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