Top 10 Articles of 2016: Cloud Hosting, DevOps, Containers and PaaS

| December 27, 2016

During 2016 we keep all our customers, admirers and blog subscribers informed about latest innovations and useful tricks in cloud hosting, PaaS, DevOps and containers industry, regularly publishing blog posts and informative guides.

Around 80 blog articles during this year, let’s remind the most readable ones:

Articles Cloud HostingAs you can see, the most popular and readable subjects are about Java, Docker and migration to containers. Maybe, you are interested in some other curious themes? Feel free to share your ideas what topics you’d like for us to cover in the upcoming year articles and we will publish them on our blog.


In 2016 we've opened an educational mission and started sharing eBooks, that appeared to be quite popular and demanded source of useful information for developers and hosting providers:

Container Tricks for Java Developers

container-tricks-for-java-developersThe aim of this guide is to help developers and project managers to improve the development process by consolidating server resources, facilitating application deployment and lowering the cost of implementing new technologies and agile methods in order to deploy products easier and faster.

Get it now for free and find the insights on Java technology, as well as some practical tutorials on how to tune Java workloads in order to maximally increase performance, high availability and cost optimization of the projects.


Convert Trial Users into Paying Customers

convert-trials-into-paying-usersThis eBook contains a lot of tips for hosting service providers, showing how to deal with trial users and build the most engaging experience for them, as well as increase the interest to the product and switch trials softly to paying customers. If you want to:

  • Prevent customers’ search of the competitors’ offers
  • Find inactive users and activate them
  • Discover what are key points for customers to upgrade

Then this book is for you. Simply download it and start implementing our free recommendations.

Increase Website Conversion and Reduce Bounce Rate

increase-website-conversionFrom this guide, you will learn how to build high converting landing pages for hosting business and increase a number of customers interested in your services.

Hosting providers will find helpful examples how to make segmentation of their website visitors, get customers testimonials, and what trial package to choose.

Get this eBook right now and grow “this is mine” feeling among your users during the trial period, learn how to increase 300% monthly sales lead with exit popups as well as reach bounced visitors via Facebook.


Useful Materials

In case you want to learn more about cloud PaaS trends and forecast from the most acknowledged world's analysts such as 451 Research or IDC, or review the use cases from the most successful and prosperous Jelastic public or private cloud partners, you can find educative materials for developers and hosting providers within Jelastic WhitePapers.

What is more - just recently we presented a new page specifically for developers with rather simple explanation what is Jelastic and why customers start using it.

This year brought us a lot of new friends among hosting partners, end-customers and subscribers - you are our greatest motivation to improve Jelastic, providing the scalable containerized cloud with the most reasonable pricing system. Stay with us in 2017, and let's conquer this world together 🙂