The world's first Cloud network–enabled with the Jelastic PaaS–to be deployed in early May

| April 1, 2012

Today, in Houston, TX, we completed our first series of tests with what will soon become the first true, Cloud Platform-as-a-Service in the world. With are partners at Servint, dogado/HostEurope, Rusonyx, Tsukaeru and Runa Capital (our investors), we will be deploying a network of hovering platforms in Texas. This "floating network" will provide the first true PaaS in the Cloud, literally.

sharing-droneThis above photo is from our first tests that happened outside of our offices in California. The small, GPS controlled platform is running the small Rasberry Pi, linux board, has a wifi repeater and was able to run a number of small Java applications.

Our test network in Texas will be run using the D-Dalus, hovering platforms. They are big enough to hold the servers we need, as well as being very quiet and can be deployed quite quickly.

"We have begun building our server platforms and are quite excited about the possibilities. At the very least, it will allow us to serve areas that currently don't have the infrastructure in place to provide the Jelastic PaaS. On the other side of that same coin, with this, we are demonstrating our commitment to being the preeminent player in the PaaS market by providing the world's first, true Cloud network--enabled with the Jelastic PaaS," said Dmitry Sotnikov, COO, Jelastic.

Below, you can see the size of the platform as one of our engineers works on installing the on-board servers that will run the Jelastic PaaS.

D-Dalus Platform

We are really excited about this. Once we prove this in Texas, we will be moving quickly to expand the network around the globe. Stay tuned!