The Jelastic Spotlight with Phil Wee — Winner of the Full Conference Pass to JavaOne

| October 5, 2012

Quick Summary of JavaOne Week

Well, it's been a crazy awesome week here in San Francisco. It wasn't just the weather that was crazy, JavaOne was crazy! If you have never been, make it a point to go at some point. This event is huge: it literally took over every hotel in the city. The sessions were fantastic. We had a chance to speak at a few sessions ourselves: Dmitry spoke at the Duke's Choice Award Winners Birds of Feather session and Judah spoke at the GlassFish Community Birds of Feather session.

Duke's Choice Award Trophies

Winning the Duke's Choice Technology Leader Award was one of the coolest part of the whole thing, but probably the most reward was meeting and connecting with all of the people that we did while at the booth, sessions and side events.

Duke's Choice Award Winners Group Shot

We were impressed with the number of people attending, not just the sessions but also in the expo halls. We saw hundreds of people at the Jelastic booth. One of those people was Phil Wee. He was the winner of our JavaOne Full Conference Pass Contest a few weeks ago.
We had a chance to catch up with him between sessions and chat with him a little bit.

The Jelastic Spotlight with Phil Wee: Developer and Open-Source Advovate

Short bio: Phil Wee is software engineer at Playdom and focuses on web technologies like HTML5, Javascript, PHP and Java. He enjoys solving problems as well as exploring the latest technologies. He often participates in hackathons, both to learn new skills and to meet fellow developers.
Hey, Phil. Great to finally meet in person. So, where you from?
I actually live and work right here in San Francisco but I grew up in the Philippines.
What do you do for work?
Yeah. I'm a full-stack game software engineer at Playdom / Disney Interactive. We create fun social games for users to play.
So, how did you end up at Disney?
I found a job opening for a frontend engineer at Playdom the week after Christmas 2010. I sent over my resume, they were impressed by my diverse background (I was in energy billing before I shifted to game development), they scheduled me for interviews and the rest is history.
I love to hear stories like that. I think it's proof of the fact that talent and skills are always needed. So tell the Jelastic audience out there about the latest project you've worked on there at Disney.
The team that I am part of develops the Mobsters series of gangster games. If you haven't played it, it's an online game that you play through the Facebook App Center. The latest version, Mobsters: Criminal Empire, expands the Mobsters series beyond the way the first game was with text-based RPG format; now there are some pretty sweet graphics, deeper story lines and involved combat. So, now you can be more strategic, have head-to-head/player-vs-player and customizable avatars. All in all, it's a much better game than the original with tons of cool new stuff that we worked to make as entertaining as possible.

Click on picture to go to game

That's pretty awesome. I've actually played the game a bit since we first talked a few weeks back. I like it... maybe too much. LOL
So, what was your experience here at JavaOne?
JavaOne was awesome. Lots of up-to-date technical sessions, cool exhibitors, interesting contacts, exciting events. Hope to make it next year.
Nice to hear that and glad we could be a part of that. Did it affect how you feel about Java and its ecosystem?
I love that Java has a large community of developers, from desktop to enterprise to mobile. Java is here to stay.
I totally agree. At the main keynote, I was blown away by how many people were there! What would you say was your biggest takeaway attending JavaOne?
Learning from the sessions, networking with attendees and sponsors, and of course, the concert at Treasure Island.
So, you've had a chance to check out Jelastic: what do you think?
It looks solid and scalable compared to other services I've encountered. I like that it also supports PHP hosting.
Well, thanks for your time, Phil. We look forward to hearing great things from you.
If you would be interested in learning more about Phil or connecting with him, go here for his personal website.