The Jelastic Spotlight: Joakim Ohman from Elastx

| April 19, 2013

JoakimJoakim Ohman is the CEO of Elastx, a web hosting provider based in Stockholm, Sweden. Elastx recently partnered with Jelastic and we are thrilled to have them on board!

Thanks for chatting with me today Joakim. Can you tell us about Elastx?

Elastx is a Swedish based PaaS hosting provider. We have a long background in building hosting solutions and decided to build a whole new infrastructure from the ground up to be able to offer a true performance cloud alternative. As an example our platform is built on 100% SSD!

How did you originally hear about Jelastic?

It was actually a system architect in our network who first mentioned Jelastic. He was evaluating different PaaS solutions and was impressed with the Jelastic platform.

What were your first impressions?

It was just so easy to get started and create your own environment. We had a look at a number of different PaaS platforms, but the other ones were just lacking the simplicity and you had to configure a lot yourself. The control panel really impressed us as well, especially the built in guide.

Web hosters all over the world are looking for ways to innovate and grow their businesses in a highly competitive environment. How does Jelastic help you to differentiate from other web hosting providers?

The Jelastic team has provided outstanding support from the initial contact and throughout the implementation. They are very dedicated and open to exploring and implementing new features in the platform. As a hosting provider we don’t have to worry about staying in front of the competition, Jelastic takes care of that.

What value have you found in offering the Jelastic platform to your customer base?

Elastx launched at Jfokus earlier this year. It was very exciting to see what feedback we would get from the Java community. The feedback exceeded our expectations. One fact that appealed to many developers was that with only one click could clone, for example your production environment to set up a test environment and also that you could start & stop your environments as needed. A big plus is of course is that it offers true vertical scaling and you only pay for what your environment consumes. It seems that many of the developers also have been looking for a Swedish option to run their applications in the cloud.

Tell us about the process of deploying Jelastic in the Elastx environment. Was it a long process to get to beta?

Jelastic had a very clear and detailed project plan and proved to be very professional. Apart from a delay in the integration with our payment provider, the project went as planned and was delivered on time.

What has your customer’s reaction been to the Jelastic platform?

We moved from Beta to commercial just about a month ago and we now have a large number on trial accounts. We get a lot of positive feedback from everyone that we’ve been talking to.

What can we expect to see next on the Elastx/Jelastic platform?

We are working with a number of very interesting SaaS vendors that we hope to announce in the near future.

What are your top 5 features of the Jelastic platform?

  • True vertical scaling
  • No contract lock-in
  • No code-changes. Just upload your application package file to your selected environment
  • Start and stop your environments as you like.
  • Very easy and intuitive user interface.

And finally, everything has room for improvement. What would you like to see in future updates?

We know that there are a lot of new cool features on the roadmap. I guess Python and Ruby support would be great and also JBoss application server support.

Thanks Joakim!


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