The Jelastic Spotlight: Checking back in with Jean-Michel and RestoPad

| November 16, 2012

It was little back that we talked with Jean-Michel. We decided it would be nice to see how things are going for him and his application RestoPad. At the time, they had already proved that there was a need for their application and already had it running with a number of customers. We checked back in with him to see what was going on now a few months later.

Hey, Jean! So, we talked a few months back. How are things going for you since then?

We are very busy at this year's end working to deliver new functionalities for RestoPad. It’s part of our push to bring more value to our customers. Everyday we are enrolling new restaurants and bars (our customers) from around the world with RestoPad 1.21, which is is pretty great. Last week we were thrilled to have signed our first Australian customer.

Nice! Expanding a lot then! Anything else going on?

We are now polishing version 1.3 of our iPad based POS RestoPad which is due to launch soon on the Apple AppStore.

In the meantime we (another team) have been developing another platform running on Jelastic which is Mobadwin, an advertising reward scheme. This is the very first release but we have very talented engineers and graphists working hard to make it even better. This has been launched very recently and we are now starting the roll-out in the field.

Okay… wow! That’s impressive! You guys just don’t stop do you?

Can you tell us how your users have influenced your development process?

Well, there are three main things:

  • We now have our support website live with an ever growing FAQ section thanks to our customers’ feedback.
  • Our roadmap is now prioritised with the most compelling suggestions from our users.
  • Our agile development process helps us to respond quickly to our demand and on the short term our bottleneck remains the iOS part but we will resolve this soon.

Can you tell our readers about how it is that you put your team together?

Our team was gathered over time via word of mouth. We have a strong team and luckily we keep on getting the right people on board. We tend to believe we attract the people that we are... so if we are good we'll get good people and if we are bad...

Any new tools out there that you are using?

We now of course have moved to iOS 6 for the reference platform with some nice goodies from Apple, like using WiFi and 3G for the iPad to make sure we have a redundant Internet connection.

Do you have any advice for people out there trying to decide on what PaaS to use?

  • Make sure your PaaS provider has all the processes in place to meet your requirements from the administrative level down to support for when something goes wrong.
  • Make sure billing is crystal clear so that you can avoid bad surprises.
  • Choose a PaaS that is not intrusive for your code and doesn't require you to change your application backbone.

And, lastly, a question that I have been asking a lot of people lately: do you have any advice for people thinking of doing a startup?

Creating a startup is a commitment. It's like raising children. You may read in the press that many startups fail during their first two years. Keep on doing what you believe in, keep focused and listen to market feedback. Sometimes your initial idea is not so great but the information you collected from "out there" can be very valuable and help your idea to grow to reach the sweet spot that gets your startup rolling!

Thanks so much, Jean! All the best!