The Jelastic Spotlight: SportsCloud

| June 1, 2012

The Jelastic Client and Application Spotlight - June 1, 2012

This weeks Spotlight comes to you all the way from Australia. We are chatting with Marcin Popielarz. Though he is only 17 time zones away, we had a chance to catch up with him and find out a little about what he is doing and how he is using Jelastic.

Tell us a little about yourself, Marcin.

Well, I am a Polish born Canadian living in Sydney. For the last decade, I have been developing web applications in enterprise settings and have been helping enterprises with their development processes. Recently, I have been developing web applications as side projects and I really enjoy it. I get to combine things that I am really passionate about in ways that I could not previously. I've always played team sports, like ice hockey, and I have always loved using modern web technologies. I've been working on some stuff that combines both of my passions and it's been a lot of fun.

So, have you always been on the development side of things?

Yeah. I have only worked in software development and I don't see myself doing anything else: I simply love it.
Can you tell us a little about a project that you have running on Jelastic?
My most recent project, SportsCloud, combines amateur league management and Grails. SportsCloud takes the hassle out of coordinating sports competitions, by providing teams and organisers with a better way to communicate and share information, both online and on the go. Whether you play, coach, ref or organise, SportCloud will make your sporting life easier than ever!

In a nutshell, we offer a fully integrated platform that enables the league administrator to manage their teams, players, draws and lets that information flow onto the players. Thus, once a league is setup, players will be getting notifications about their games, letting them notify the team if they will attend or not. Players also get a dashboard where they can see upcoming games, past games, standing and so on.

Lastly, the web application is just one aspect of the platform, and we also offer this content on mobiles, where players can access the same information in a mobile friendly way and score keepers can update scores live on the field using their mobiles!

It is still a relatively young product, but we already have numerous amateur sport leagues using the platform and the feedback has been really encouraging.

Is there any reason in particular that you chose Jelastic to deploy SportsCloud?

I must say that I am really impressed with Jelastic thus far. JVM based developers finally get a platform that really gets them!

Jelastic provides me with the tools I was using in the first place but takes the hassle out of managing them. As a product developer, I would much rather spend my time building features for my clients rather than administering Tomcat, MySql or an Ubuntu VPS.

Don't get me wrong, these aspects are interesting, but just to me, not my clients. With Jelastic, I had a production worthy environment up in minutes and I can perform administration tasks from anywhere--hence getting a real benefit from the "cloud".

That's great. Glad to know that we are able to make that whole process easier. So, what are your plans for SportsCloud?
We are currently building additional features to make league management easier while integrating SportsCloud with various social media platforms to make it a really interesting experience for players. We want to enable you to brag about being the top scorer of your league with ease.
Nice. Based on how I am with fantasy football, I would most definitely need that last feature. Based on what your application is all about, would I be right to guess that sports are one of your hobbies?

Yeah. My hobbies are ice hockey, tennis, fitness training, beer, software development (if I do so much of it in my free time, it must be true) and I must admit that Diablo 3 has been stealing some of my free time.

I love that beer and Diablo 3 are in your hobby list. That said, we really are impressed with what you've been doing with SportsCloud and look forward to hearing about how it's growing. Thanks for your time, Marcin.

If you would be interested in contacting Marcin, or learning more about his project, you can check out his site for SportsCloud and contact him there.