Tech Support Matters!

| February 27, 2013

Professional, reliable, effective and efficient technical support is the foundation of a well-running application and lead to increased productivity, reduced costs and improved profitability.

The need for tech support SLAs is one of the top demands we've been hearing from our customers and now it's here! We're delighted to see our partners, dogado and Layershift, at the cutting edge of the hosting industry in offering such competitive policies.

Dogado tech support packages come in Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum versions. The respective versions promise maximum response times to technical issues of from 24 hours to two hours, depending on the severity of the issue and the contracted support level.

Layershift is challenging established cloud hosting industry norms by including their comprehensive SLA at no extra charge, offering full 24x7 support as standard for all ticket severities. The SLA includes a target response time of just 5 minutes for high severity issues, with penalties of up to 10% of the customer's monthly fees provided if the maximum guaranteed times are not met. Layershift's tech support is not only timely, but also critically acclaimed by its customers, earning an impressive favorability rating of 9.7 out of 10 from support ticket ratings.

The tech support operations of both our partners significantly outperform those of other leading cloud hosting services. PaaS competitors such as Google App Engine, Heroku, and EngineYard charge up to $400 extra per month for their customers to enjoy similar support guarantees, whilst even email support (available for developers) costs extra at Amazon Web Services.

In perspective, the incumbent cloud hosting platforms advertise:

Amazon Web Services

  • Even email support (available for developers) costs extra
  • Phone support starts at $100 per month or 10 percent of the monthly fee
  • Response times for businesses range from one hour to 15 minutes


  • Free support during US business hours only, no SLA
  • Premium support: $150 per month for 24x7 support, and SLA guaranteeing just 99.9% service availability

Google App Engine

  • Bronze support: access to forums, plus billing support only
  • Silver support: $150 per month, business hours only, with initial target response time of one business day
  • Gold support: $400+ per month for 24x7 support, but outside business hours requires a phone call, and only for Priority 1 or Priority 2 requests. Initial target response time for P1 requests is one hour
  • Platinum support: custom priced 24x7 support, but outside business hours still requires a phone call


  • Free support during "business hours" only, no SLA
  • Quotes for paid support options available only upon request


  • Target response time of two business days (silver) or four business hours (gold) for maximum-severity issues

Unlike the competition, we power multiple partners around the Globe to offer Jelastic Platform-as-a-Service and differentiate by, among other things, offering technical support and service level agreements superior to those previously accepted in the cloud industry. This ecosystem approach makes sure that you have more choice to select the hosting provider that suits you best. Learn more about Jelastic hosting partners at