Successful Cloud Concept Comes in a Box: dogado, Dell and Jelastic

| March 11, 2015

logosRecently our hosting partner in Germany, dogado participated in a case study about their use of Jelastic and Dell technologies. Below are some excerpts of the report including some quotes from Jelastic CEO and Co-founder Ruslan Synytsky and dogado COO Timo Mankartz.

The cloud industry today has been compared to the early days of the World Wide Web. Just like then, we’re in a moment of rapid innovation, where companies are constantly bringing exciting offerings to market. As in many other countries at the cutting edge of technology, Germany’s cloud service providers are rapidly expanding in number. dogado, based in Dortmund, is one of these new firms.

dogado was one of Jelastic's first hosting partners (commercially launched in March, 2012). They deliver a range of solutions, including email, backup, web hosting and cloud services to customers worldwide. It has a reputation as one of the most reliable IT service providers in Germany, guaranteeing 100 per cent uptime. dogado has a range of partnerships with tier-one solution providers such as Microsoft and Dell, with which it holds Platinum Partner status.

Business Need

dogado wanted to launch a version of its highly successful Jelastic cloud service, where customers could launch appliance-based private clouds from their offices.


The company’s cloud service appliance is based on the Dell PowerEdge VRTX shared infrastructure solutions platform and is backed by Dell ProSupport.


  • Hosting provider dogado grows by more than 300 per cent in the cloud market
  • Customers gain out-of-the-box private cloud appliance
  • Performance and energy efficiency are guaranteed with Intel® technology
  • Solution gains traction in market through expert support, including marketing
  • Mutual events and partnership lead to global solution


Business Launches into the Cloud with Jelastic Solution

As part of its cloud services portfolio, dogado provides the Jelastic platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. Jelastic is a cloud platform for Java, PHP, Python, Node.js and Ruby applications, as well as virtual servers. It meets all requirements users or developers might have within cloud environments. Jelastic makes applications scalable and highly available. It automatically increases or decreases memory, disk and processing performance, as well as the number of virtual machines in line with requests.

Mankartz says: “We are the sole licensee for the Jelastic PaaS in Germany. In our view, it is the ideal cloud solution for businesses whose needs for IT resources fluctuates, often dramatically.”


Search Begins for all-in-one Cloud Appliance

As part of the Jelastic solution, dogado wanted to offer an appliance to be sold as an all-in-one private cloud.

“It was pretty simple,” says Mankartz. “Customers need solutions rather than technologies. We wanted an all-in-one device that was easy to install at a customer site, and we wanted to avoid spending lots of time connecting and configuring the appliance.”

The company looked for an innovative technology to deliver its aims.

“We spoke to Dell consultants to see if they could help,” says Mankartz. “We knew Dell had developed the PowerEdge VRTX shared infrastructure solutions platform. From what we understood, it featured servers, storage, networking and management software in a single chassis.”


Shared Infrastructure Solution Delivers Performance and Management Simplicity

dogado launched a trial of the PowerEdge VRTX shared infrastructure solution platform. It compared the performance of the chassis against a platform based solely on Dell PowerEdge rack servers powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. Mankartz was confident the servers would provide a good benchmark for the VRTX platform since the dogado data centres were all standardised on Dell.

He says: “The company has hundreds of Dell PowerEdge rack servers running on Intel® Xeon® processors across our data centres. They deliver around 10,000 virtual machines for our clients. Now, we’re migrating many of those servers to Dell PowerEdge R720 and R720XD servers powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. The VRTX solution’s noise and heat levels are very low. Customers can easily choose to have their system on-site, even if they don’t have a dedicated server room.”


Right for Jelastic, Right for dogado

dogado successfully tested a Dell PowerEdge VRTX platform with the support of Jelastic personnel. “The platform delivered great performance, simplified management and worked perfectly with Jelastic. We came to the conclusion it was the all-in-one solution we needed for our customers’ private clouds rather than simply the rack servers,” says Mankartz.

dellRuslan Synytsky, CEO and Cofounder of Jelastic confirms: “We closely evaluated offerings from other vendors and quickly realised that Dell PowerEdge VRTX running on Intel® Xeon® processors was the right solution for our high-availability applications. It is extremely flexible and it scales in public, private and hybrid clouds.”

Since finishing the tests, dogado has been working on the final configuration for its Dell PowerEdge VRTX shared infrastructure solution platforms. “Each chassis will contain up to four server nodes, these being either Dell PowerEdge M520 or M620 blade servers with Intel® Xeon® processors. They can run both Linux and Microsoft software with virtualization predominantly through Linux KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V. As part of the Jelastic cloud solution, the servers will support a virtual machine for each customer service running on the chassis,” says Mankartz.

Synytsky adds: “The Dell PowerEdge VRTX powered by Intel® Xeon® processors provides the highest level of performance for public and private clouds.”


Intel® Technology Boosts Market Opportunity, Attracting Customers

Mankartz is keen to stress that a key reason for Jelastic running so well on the VRTX is the Intel® technology in the Dell PowerEdge nodes. “dogado standardised on Intel® technology years ago. The fact that the Dell solution runs Intel® t
echnology is an advantage for us and for customers. For dogado, it means our solutions will appeal to a large market, and for customers it means they gain unbeatable reliability and energy efficiency for their private cloud infrastructures,” he says.

Synytsky adds: “The fast growth of production applications on dogado’s public cloud platform proves that user satisfaction is high. The ability to run Jelastic cloud-in-a-box on top of Dell PowerEdge VRTX achieves a new level of effectiveness and productivity of IT business processes, critical for enterprise clients in private and hybrid clouds.”


Customer Satisfaction is High for Appliance Offering

Already, dogado has received requests from customers regarding the all-inone Jelastic cloud. They include a global vehicle manufacturer. “When we speak to customers, we talk about the VRTX solution’s modular strengths. Customers like the idea that it can scale with their changing requirements, providing CPU, RAM and storage capacity according to demand,” says Mankartz. “A key advantage, of course, is that we can deliver a highly available appliance out of the box. With the servers, storage and networking combined, it can be configured in no time.”


Business Expects the Growth within the Cloud Market

The company expects the arrival of the appliance-based solution to spur sales to even greater heights. “The last few years, we saw growth rates of more than 300 per cent in the cloud market. It’s a solution that customers value quite quickly. By adding the Jelastic cloud appliance based on Dell technology, we’re giving customers another option and adding value to our entire Jelastic proposition,” comments Mankartz. “dogado gets support from an organisation that understands our industry. The Dell team that we work with has plenty of experience with hosting and cloud companies, which gives us peace of mind. Crucially, it can provide us with marketing support, which is really important as we continue in the launch phase of our appliance solution.”

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