Sound Approach to Cloud Efficiency with Containers from Jelastic CEO

| April 13, 2018

Cloud cost optimization is vital for many companies nowadays including our customers. So we decided to ask Jelastic CEO, Ruslan Synytsky, how efficient he considers the cloud and what can be improved.

Ruslan Synytsky Talking about Cloud Efficiency

Cloud already helped to save a lot of money and efforts. People can easily deploy applications and scale them, so life became easier. However, even current cloud can be optimized, so expenses will be reduced significantly. How is it possible?

We know that today majority cloud vendors sells virtual machines, specifically they sell limits of VMs. It doesn’t matter how much resources you use, you always pay for the limits. When you need a little bit more, you can’t just add 1Gb of RAM or 1 core of CPU, you have to buy twice bigger machine. And this is a problem. Because why should you pay for unused resources? It’s inefficient. Even more, you cannot resize virtual machines, you need to migrate your application from old one to a new. It requires lots of efforts. But this can be improved, so efficiency can get to the next level.

Containers can help here. They provide very good elasticity, so you can resize them easily up and down without downtime of application inside. Even more, it’s possible to provide “pay as you use” model instead of “pay as you go”.

Pay as you use” means that you set high limits for scaling but you never pay for these limits, you pay only for really consumed resources. This reduces right-sizing problem, as you don’t need to think in advance how much resources per each container are required. Just put high limits for insurance, and if you don’t use the allocated resources you never pay for them. In this way containers can change existing billing models and provide even better efficiency for the cloud.

Materials on Cloud Cost Optimization

For more detailed acquaintance with this topic, as well as deeper understanding of the problems and possible solutions, we gathered a set of materials about cloud resource consumption optimization and pay per use pricing model peculiarities:

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