Software Stacks Statistics in Jelastic Cloud: Who are Customers’ Minions in 2017?

| December 19, 2017

New technologies are constantly being developed, and existing ones keep changing. In this article, we analyzed the current statistics of engines, application servers, databases, and plugins under the magnifying glass, unveiling what stacks are top rated and more actively used, therefore, must be taken into consideration for the upcoming 2018 year.

So let's take a deeper look at our overwhelming report, based on Jelastic Cloud PaaS customers' stacks choice.


Jelastic cloud platform provides support of Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET, however, according to our statistics, the customers are mainly split into two leading programming languages. Jelastic latest research shows that PHP shoots ahead with 47.6%, and Java has 44% of customers choice. The rest programming languages get much less distribution (8,4% in total) but still are growing.  engines usage stacks statisticsGathering statistical data on the geographical spread of the engines, we discovered that customers from North America (NA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) prefer using Java for their applications. On the other hand, users in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as well as Latin America (LATAM), give their main priority to PHP.   top engines by region

PHP Versions

PHP is an application development language primarily designed for websites; it's also a common choice for web applications, as there is a large ecosystem of existing libraries and frameworks to use with it. PHP is handy since it can be embedded in an HTML page itself.

Most of the Jelastic PHP users are running their projects on v5.6 (25.6%) and v5.4 (24.1%). Meantime, the newly released versions are coming closer day by day - v7.0 and 7.1 both have 15.6%.   php versions distribution cloud statistics

JDK Versions

Java enables the development of secure, highly performed, and robust applications in heterogeneous, distributed networks - that's why this engine is highly demanded among enterprise projects.

On the chart below you can see that the majority of Java environments were created with Java 8 (58.9%) and Java 7 (31.4%). Just recently released Java 9 already gained 5.5% and it's undoubtedly a good start!   jdk versions distribution software stack statistics

Application Servers

Considering that PHP and Java are the leading programming languages, it is no surprise that Apache and Tomcat are the most demanded among other application servers. 45.1% of users installed Apache PHP for running their environments, and 28.9% chose Tomcat. NGINX attracted 11.9% of customers. Node.js and GlassFish get 4.8% and 3% respectively, as well as 6.3% in total is received by the rest of servers (NGINX Ruby, WildFly, Spring Boot, Jetty, TomEE, IIS, SmartFoxServer, Raptor, JBoss, Apache Ruby, Payara).   application servers usage cloud hostingRecently Jelastic has announced the release of GlassFish 5 and Payara 5 on Java EE 8, as well as Tomcat 9 on JDK 9 servers automatic installation within minutes. Free trial is available at

The geographical situation with the servers spread is similar to the engine usage: Tomcat is mostly preferred in North America and Asia Pacific. And Apache is popular in EMEA and LATAM countries. It is notable that North America is also keen to actively use GlassFish.   top application servers by region


Now let's take a look at the database servers usage. In the chart below, you can see that MySQL is the customers’ choice #1 with 56% of installations and the number is growing, especially considering an easy way to install it with already pre-configured replication.

MariaDB (19.8%) and PostgreSQL (14.6%) hold respectively the second and the third places of popularity. MongoDB is on the fourth place with 5.4% and Redis got 3% of customers, while the rest database servers (Percona, Microsoft SQL, CouchDB, OrientDB, Neo4j) share the leftover part of users’ endorsement.   database servers usage cloud Looking at the distribution by regions, we can observe that MySQL is highly popular in all parts of the world, especially dominating in North America. MariaDB has got the raised admiration in EMEA, while MongoDB totally lost its positions in this region. PostgreSQL is more or less evenly distributed with highest results in APAC.   top databases by region

Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

IDEs are used in development teams to build new software, applications, and services in a convenient way. Analyzing our statistics, we can differ three mostly used IDEs that are integrated to the Jelastic Cloud Platform, and can be installed easily:

As it can be viewed on a picture below, more than a half of our clients (53.6%) prefer to build their projects in NetBeans, a bit less than a third part (28.6%) write their code in Eclipse, and the rest (17.8%) choose IntelliJ IDEA.  IDE usage statistics 2017

Top Applications Installed in One Click

Jelastic has its own packaging standard and provides a Marketplace with ready-to-go applications and add-ons. Such preconfigured solutions are automatically installed and require minimal to no involvement in the further management and support.

Here are top applications and add-ons which became most favored by Jelastic users:

Looking for a reliable cloud hosting with a wide choice of supported stacks and production-ready solutions? Create your own environment with the needed topology configurations via Jelastic intuitive UI - simply choose your favorite stacks, set the vertical and horizontal scaling rules and go ahead. We guarantee you'll love the simplicity Jelastic provides for developers 🙂

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