Java & PHP Software Stacks Market Share: October 2013

| November 7, 2013

One more efficient month with Jelastic! Let’s see what October 2013 brought to us in terms of the Java & PHP software stacks statistics. In this article, we’ll present the overall numbers, distribution by regions and the monthly/annual trends of the stacks popularity within the Jelastic Cloud. This month we've got even more statistical results because Jelastic keeps growing around the world with more partners than ever - Recently, Infobox (Russia) and Locaweb (Brazil) hosting providers joined us.

Database Servers

MySQL is a changeless leader among database servers. This month its market share became even bigger (+3%). MariaDB is at the second place (17%) – its market share decreased slightly, compared with the previous month. MongoDB’s popularity has grown slightly and PostgreSQL has the same results. The outsider CouchDB is at a 1% share this month.


And here are some points about distribution via region:

MySQL began to lead in Sweden comparing to the previous month when MariaDB and MongoDB were on the top. At the same time MariaDB still remains rather popular in Finland (second place after MySQL).


The current month numbers:

database table stats

The chart of the database popularity during the last year:


Java Application Servers

Tomcat 7 keeps dominating - it’s market share increased to 81%. We can note that Jetty shows a stable 4% result while the rest of the app servers are losing their positions.


With Locaweb statistics added  Tomcat 7 becomes even more widely used among Brazilian customers. This Java app server still remains number one in all the regions.


The table data for Java app servers stats in October 2013:

java app server table stats

Here you can see the situation with the Java application servers over the last year:


PHP Application Servers

The data for this month is the same as in the previous one: Apache server is number one with 75% of the share.


PHP application servers have contrasting popularity in various regions. It is noticeable that NGINX became considerably more popular in Switzerland this month.


The overall figures:

php app server table stats

The following chart demonstrates the PHP application server's popularity, over the last year.


Java Versions

Java 7 increased its popularity (89%) and Java 6 lost 2%


Regionally Java 7 keeps its leading positions. Interesting,  Finland has a comparatively high percentage of Java 6 use.


Here’s the data on Java usage in a table format:

jvm table stats

The JVM popularity over the last year can be seen in the following graph.


PHP versions usage

Finally, here’s the PHP version distribution for October 2013.

This month we included the statistics for PHP 5.5 that recently became available in the Jelastic Cloud.

Of course, PHP 5.4 leads this month as usual but PHP 5.5 took 13% from the leader’s popularity. PHP 5.3 remains stable with 18%


Comparing the regional percentages, we can note that PHP 5.5 is even more popular than PHP 5.3 in Ukraine.


Here is the table with the PHP numbers:

php table stats

It’s even more interesting to see the PHP version annual trend. The chart is quite stable until October when PHP 5.5 appeared. This caused the decrease of PHP 5.4 popularity.


That’s all for October. Stay tuned with Jelastic to see the statistics next month on software stacks popularity. In November, we will provide even more data with new geographical locations included. Do you want to change the statistics of any stack? Make your contribution by joining Jelastic!