Software Stacks Market Share: March 2014

| April 3, 2014

Let’s see what software stacks changes March brought us, and the preferences of the new users of Jelastic this month. You will also see the information on regional stacks distribution and the monthly/annual trends of the stacks popularity, within the Jelastic Cloud.

Firstly, let’s welcome our new American partner - - who joined our Jelastic family and launched commercially, mid March 2014.

And now, let’s analyze the recent software stacks usage in Jelastic's Cloud.


Database Servers

Wow! PostgreSQL keeps growing and taking an increased percentage from its competitors. Now, it already has a 13% share. Even without the 2%, MySQL still leads the chart with its 56%. MariaDB and MongoDB lost 1% each - 18% and 12% respectively. CouchDB (1%) remains unchanged.


Regionally, there are also significant changes. We see new leaders using PostgreSQL (Switzerland 27%) and MongoDB (Ukraine 31%). Usage of MySQL significantly decreased in France (54%) and Switzerland (51%) - about 10% lost.


Here you can review current numbers:


The chart displays the database popularity this year:



Java Application Servers

Tomcat 7 saw an even larger market share this month - 85%. At the same time, Jetty and Tomcat 6 lost 1% each- 4% and 6% respectively. GlassFish (5%) and TomEE (1%) levels remain the same.


Tomcat 7 is highly popular in Japan (92%), Sweden (91%) and the Netherlands (90%) but the unchanged leader among them is Ukraine (94%). It is notable that Finland lost its leading position in using Jetty - now it has just 5% compared to 11% in the previous month.

java-app-server-market-share-by -region-mar-2014

The accurate dates about region distribution of app servers are presented in this table:


Below you can see the annual trends of app servers’ usage:



PHP Application Servers

The situation with PHP app servers remains the same as in the previous month - 79% for Apache and 21% for NGINX.


Slight changes can be seen in the region distribution. The leader of Apache usage becomes Switzerland with its 94%. And Russia (46%) saw a leading position for NGINX consumption.


See the table with accurate numbers:


The trends of using PHP app servers during this year:



Java Versions

March saw a decrease in using Java 6 (15%) and strengthened the positions of Java 7 (85%).


Ukraine joined France becoming a leader of Java 7 usage. Also we observed the the lost of interest in Java 6 from Finland (26%) and Sweden (25%).


The accurate data is presented in the table:


The annual chart of Java version distribution:



PHP Versions

Rather impressive growth of PHP 5.5 - already 20%. PHP 5.4 lost 4% but still leads (64%). PHP 5.3 is at 16% this month.


The situation regionally changed slightly for PHP 5.4 and 5.5. PHP 5.4 saw a new leader - the Netherlands (73%). The popularity of PHP 5.5 significantly grew in Sweden (30%), Ukraine (29%), France and Switzerland (23%). PHP 5.3 distribution remains more or less stable.


View the table to get accurate numbers:


The change of PHP version distribution during one year:


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