Software Stacks Market Share: July 2014

| August 28, 2014

It’s that time again to update you on the most recent statistics on the software stacks usage within the Jelastic Cloud.  In this article, we’ll present the overall numbers, distribution by regions and the monthly trends of the stacks popularity in July 2014.

For this month we have also added the stats on Ruby usage. In addition, you’ll notice remarkable changes in the regional distribution of stacks because Jelastic keeps growing and adding more partners, recently - (France), StarStorage (Romania) and MyCloud (Belarus).

Database Servers

MySQL is leading with 67% and in contrast  CouchDB disappeared at 0%. MariaDB (13%), PostgreSQL (12%) and MongoDB (8%) are getting closer to each other fighting for each user.


Regionally, Russia (79%) is leading in MySQL usage. Finland has an impressive 45% of MariaDB users. And the newly-added Romania is a leader in using PostgreSQL (33%). MongoDB has almost the same results in all countries. And CouchDB is surviving only with the help of 1% from Germany and the USA.


Here you can see the accurate data.


Java Application Servers

Tomcat 7 is highly used as usual (86%). And Tomcat 6 and GlassFish are at the same level with 5%. Jetty got only 3%, while TomEE - just 1%.


Tomcat 7 is highly popular in all the regions. It is interesting that Brazil is leading among users of GlassFish (12%) and Finland among Jetty customers (10%).


See the percentages in the table.

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PHP Application Servers

PHP Apache gained 77% and PHP NGINX server saw 23% of customers in July.


France is the leader in PHP Apache usage (91%), while PHP NGINX is the most popular in Finland (38%).


See more details in the table below.


Ruby Application Servers

Finally, we can share the stats on Ruby servers in Jelastic. Here NGINX is leading with 82% and Apache with only 18%.


The most interesting thing is that in some regions users prefer only NGINX for their Ruby apps - Japan, Finland, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Romania and Belarus has 100%. And Brazil is a leader for using Apache Ruby (51%).


The numbers are in the table below.


Java Versions

In July, 86% of Jelastic users chose Java 7, and 12% - Java 6. The recently added Java 8 got just 2% of the market share.


Regionally, Java 6 is rather popular in Finland (44%). 100% of Romanian users prefer Java 7. Japan and Sweden are leading in Java 8 usage (7%).


Compare the accurate numbers.


PHP Versions

The most popular is PHP 5.4 (59%). And PHP 5.3 and 5.5 got almost the same amount of users (21% and 20% respectively).


PHP 5.3 is the most widely used in Finland (33%) and Belarus (32%). The leader of PHP 5.4 usage is France with its 74%. And PHP 5.5 is becoming popular in Japan (40%).


Find the data you require in the table below.


Ruby Versions

And finally Ruby! At this time, we've added the stats on this stack as it is currently widely used by Jelastic customers worldwide. The leading points go to Ruby 2.0.0 (80%), after that a newer version of Ruby (2.1.1) is gaining with 13% and at the last place is Ruby 1.9.3 (7%).


Looking at the Ruby usage in countries, we can note the same 100% popularity of Ruby 2.0.0 in Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania and Belarus. Finland are choosing between Ruby 1.9.3 and 2.0.0 - 50% for each. And Ruby 2.1.1 is the most popular in Sweden.


Here are the accurate results.


That’s all for July. We hope these stats will be helpful for you while choosing the stacks for your environment. Try out Jelastic and get any instance you need. Note that we currently support Python and next time we will present the stats on it. And with the help of cartridges support, you can get an even wider choice of software stacks. Enjoy the all-inclusive Jelastic Cloud!