Software Stacks Market Share: January 2014

| February 6, 2014

In this post we will share the software stacks usage stats of all Jelastic Cloud users, from the very beginning of 2014. Let’s see how the stacks were regionally distributed in January and what overall numbers this month brought to us.

Database Servers

The year started positively for CouchDB and MongoDB as each of them received one extra percent. MySQL and PostgreSQL remain stable with the same percentage. And MariaDB lost some users and now has an 18% share.


Russia still remains the leader in using MySQL. You can also see the growth of MongoDB popularity in Ukraine and Sweden. We’d like to note, that in January PostgreSQL saw the same rather high level of usage in Great Britain and Germany.


Current numbers in the table:


The chart of the database popularity over the last year:


Java Application Servers

Tomcat 7 distributed its 2% among GlassFish and Jetty last month but still remains the unquestioning leader. Together with that, Tomcat 6 and TomEE saw the same numbers - 6% and 1% respectively.


Looking at the chart, we can see that Tomcat 7 lost its position in Finland - now it is even less than 60%. At the same time, GlassFish became rather popular in this region (26%). Tomcat 6 is still the second most popular app server in Russia. Compared to December, Jetty server was used in all presented countries in this month. TomEE became more widely used in Germany and Finland.


The accurate numbers in the table:


The annual chart for Java app servers:


PHP Application Servers

Apache is still the absolute leader among PHP servers with its 81% market share. It lost just 2% in favor of NGINX which now possesses 19%.


The success of Apache in Switzerland is not permanent - in January it has already lost 10% of the market share in this country. Russia and Finland with their 39%, still remain the leaders using NGINX.


The overall figures:


The chart below displays the popularity of Apache and NGINX over the last year:


Java Versions

A great start to the year for Java 6 - an extra 4% to its market share. Still, it’s rather difficult to catch up with Java 7 and its 83% market share.


Java 6 becomes more and more popular in Finland as well as in Sweden - 30% and 29% respectively. Switzerland still remains the leader in using Java 7 at 98%


More accurate numbers in the table:


The chart with the JVM versions popularity over the last year:


PHP Versions

PHP 5.5 is growing around the world. In January, it received an additional 4% of the market share and overcame PHP 5.3 in popularity. PHP 5.4 is leading as usual but lost 3% this month.


Regionally, PHP 5.5 can thank the Netherlands for raising its position in the market by giving 41%. If in the previous month PHP 5.3 was not used by some regions. Now, all countries are more or less using this PHP version. PHP 5.4 is still the main choice of Japan.


The numbers you can see in this table:


The annual trend of PHP versions is displayed in the chart:


These are the first Jelastic stats for 2014. Check back next month to see if the software stacks market changes. To take an active part in the outcome of these monthly posts, sign up for a free trial period and start using the Jelastic platform. Feel free to leave your impressions in the comments below.