Software Stacks Market Share: February 2014

| March 6, 2014

In this article, we’ll present the overall numbers of software stacks usage in the Jelastic Cloud for February 2014. Here, you will also see the data on stacks distribution by regions and the monthly/annual trends of the stacks popularity, within the Jelastic Cloud.

Database Servers

The database market share has almost no changes this month. MySQL is still leading at 58%. The only change is with PostgreSQL and MariaDB, as the first one gave away 1 % in favor to the latter. CouchDB (1%) and MongoDB (13%) numbers remains the same.


Finland more and more users prefer MariaDB. Now, it is already at 42%. That is really close to the MySQL usage level (43%). Sweden (35%) overcame Ukraine (26%) and became the leader in using MongoDB.


And here are the accurate numbers of database usage:


Also below you can view the annual trends of database popularity:


Java Application Servers

The leader, Tomcat 7 still keeps growing in the number of users and now it holds already 83% of the app server market. At the same time, GlassFish is losing its position (5%). Jetty and Tomcat 6 gained 1%. And TomEE remains unchangeable with its 1% of market share.


Leading positions in Tomcat 7 usage are divided among Ukraine (92%) and Japan (91%). Finland also decided to revert back to Tomcat 7 and left GlassFish with just 7% (in comparison to 26% in the previous month). Jetty gained two main leaders with 11% of usage - Finland and Switzerland.


More details on Java application servers' percentages can be found in the table below:


And here, the chart for the last year is presented:


PHP Application Servers

NGINX gained more users in February - 21%. Still a great distance from Apache leading at 79%.


Switzerland still remains the leader in using Apache (93%) and now it is accompanied by Ukraine (92%). And NGINX becomes even more popular in Finland (42%).


See the accurate numbers in the table:


The annual figure of Apache and NGINX usage is presented in the chart:


Java Versions

Java 6 is still growing and already has a 19% market share. Java 7 lost 2 % but didn't lose its leading position (81%).


Looking at the regional distribution, we can note that Java 6 is highly supported in Finland (44%). France reached first position among Java 7 users (97%). Switzerland and Ukraine are getting closer to the leader with 96% and 94% respectively.


Compare data using values in the table:


The chart below displays the changes in JVM versions usage over the last year:


PHP Versions

PHP 5.3 strengthens its position by gaining an additional 4%. At the same time, PHP 5.5 lost 1% and has now moved to last place. PHP 5.4 is leading with 68%.


In January, the Netherlands showed incredible results in using PHP 5.5 and in February the numbers fell to 18%. Regionally, PHP 5.4 is the most popular in Japan (85%) and France (81%). PHP 5.3 numbers raised particularly in Switzerland (18%) and Great Britain (22%).


The accurate numbers can be seen in the table:


The annual trends of PHP usage can be reviewed in the chart:


That’s all for our February 2014 stats. Monitor the software stacks market in Jelastic's Cloud with our monthly posts and make the right decisions when choosing the required application servers, databases and engines. Sign up for free and get the stacks you need, using Jelastic's platform.