Software Stacks Market Share: February 2013

| March 7, 2013

We’re back with the latest statistics on the usage and popularity of different software stacks within Jelastic PaaS. The last month it was even more interesting, because we have a new hosting partner in Sweden, Elastx. So, let’s look at the charts for this month.


Below is the overall usage of databases within Jelastic for February 2013. There are no big changes in database popularity this month: MySQL continues to be №1.


If we look at the database popularity by region, there are huge differences between database popularity in the different countries. For example, Swedes use NoSQL databases, MongoDB and CouchDB, more than Finns and Brazilians. At the same time MariaDB is extremely popular among Finnish developers.


Here are the current, overall numbers:


Below is a chart showing database usage within Jelastic during the last year.


Java application servers

As you can see, Tomcat 7 has lost some positions: an 11% decrease over January. Jetty and GlassFish fortified a little their positions.


If we look at the same data by region, there really aren’t any huge changes in server popularity and Swedish developers seem to agree with others.

Here is a chart looking at application servers usage over the last year.

PHP application servers

As Jelastic cloud is gaining popularity among PHP developers too we decided to start sharing some of the application component statistics we are seeing among our PHP user base. Today Jelastic supports two major PHP application servers: Apache and Nginx, so let's see which one is the leader.

As you see by far Apache outruns Nginx.

The chart below shows PHP application server popularity by region. It’s interesting to note that the percentage of Apache popularity is much higher in Finland and Brazil.


Here are the actual numbers:


Java Versions

Looks like Java 6 tries to retrieve its erstwhile popularity and already commands for 29% of deployments in Jelastic. It's a 7% increase over January.


Java 6 has a few more fans in Japan, UK and Sweden and Java 7 continues to be more popular in North America, Finland and Brazil as you can see below.


Now, let’s see the trends over the last year!


PHP Versions

Finally, let's see the PHP version distribution for February 2013. It's obvious that version 5.4 is much more popular among our users.


What's interesting is that in Finland and Brazil, the percentage of PHP 5.4 is higher than in other countries.


Here's the data in a table format:


Over time we'll release monthly updates on the trends - so stay tuned!

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