Software Stacks Market Share: December 2013

| January 16, 2014

Today’s post presents the statistics of the stack usage in the Jelastic Cloud for December, 2013. Let’s review the changes in the overall numbers and stacks distribution by regions in December. We will also look at the monthly/annual trends of the stacks popularity, within the Jelastic Cloud.

By the way, December delivered us a new and prominent hosting provider from the Netherlands - Hostnet. Welcome aboard!

Database Servers

Our usual leader MySQL lost 3% of the stacks market share which were allocated to its younger sister - MariaDB (20%). The rest of the database numbers remain unchanged.


Our newly launched hoster Hostnet, influenced the changes to the region distribution of the database usage.  In November the Netherlands led for MySQL use, with an almost 80% share. Now, it is already eighth on the list with only 54% being at the same level with Switzerland.


Current numbers in the table:


The chart of the database popularity over the last year:


Java Application Servers

Tomcat 7 remains the leader among Java app servers and in December it saw even more users (83%). It's rather interesting that Tomcat 6 lost its second position in favor of GlassFish. Jetty usage also decreased (2%). Now it is rather close to the outsider TomEE which is stable with its 1%


Let’s see what regions made Tomcat 7 and GlassFish even more popular. The leading user of Tomcat 7 in December is Ukraine with 94%. And GlassFish should thank Finland for 18% of users. In November, a rather high percentage of users from Finland were using Jetty. It seems that over the last two months of 2013 Finland was influencing which server deserves second place - Jetty or GlassFish.


Here you can see the accurate numbers:


And this is the annual chart for Java app servers:


PHP Application Servers

Apache continues to dominate the market of PHP application servers and in December only 17% was left to NGINX.


Switzerland was fully conquered by Apache server with 100% of the market share. At the same time Russia and Finland are similarly active (39%) in using NGINX.


The overall figures:


The popularity of Apache and NGINX over the last year is displayed in the chart below:


Java Versions

It seems the November increase of Java 6 popularity was just a temporary one. The percentage decreased again and Java 7 saw an 87% share.


By regions, you can see a significant decrease of Java 6 usage in Finland.

And Switzerland became the leaders using Java 7 with 98%


Below is more detailed data in the table:


The chart displays the JVM versions popularity over a one year period:


PHP Versions

PHP 5.4 became even more widely used in December. As a result, PHP 5.3 and 5.5 each lost a 2% share.


By regions, Japan is still leading in consumption of PHP 5.4 (94%). It’s interesting to note that PHP 5.3 is totally ignored by France and Japan.

It seems the Netherlands lost their interest in PHP 5.5 - now the numbers are at just 10% compared to 25% in November. The leader in using PHP 5.5 was Sweden.


The numbers you can be seen in this table:


The annual trend of PHP versions is presented in the chart below:


That’s all for our 2013 numbers. We hope that this data will help you to make right decisions when choosing your software stacks in 2014.

If you have your own observations or opinions about Jelastic Cloud, please share them in the comments below.