Software Stacks Market Share: August 2014

| September 18, 2014

It’s that time where we share the renewed statistics on our users’ preferences taking into consideration the choice of software stacks, available with Jelastic PaI. We will include information on the percentage distribution in the databases’, application servers’ and engines’ market for August 2014.
But firstly, we would like to announce our new partner - Hostdime from Brazil. Welcome to the worldwide Jelastic family!
And now, let’s see how the stats have changed, compared with the previous month.

Database Servers

As usual, MySQL is leading with 64%, though it has lost 3% in favor of PostgreSQL (15%) vs July. CouchDB usage hasn't seen any growth and remains at almost 0%. Similarly with the remaining databases - MariaDB and MongoDB gained the same percentage, 13% and 8% respectively.
Considering the regional distribution, Russia is still leading in MySQL usage (76%). Brazil is not far behind with its 72%. The undisputed leader in MariaDB usage remains Finland (42%), whereas PostgreSQL has three main fans with an almost similar popularity: Japan (29%), Switzerland (26%) and Romania (30%). MongoDB and CouchDB are selected with an approximately equal frequency in all countries.
Database market share AUG 2014
And here is a table with the exact numbers for each region:

Java Application Servers

As for the Java app servers market distribution, the ranking remained unchanged: Tomcat 7 heads the list with 86% of users, followed by Tomcat 6 (6%), GlassFish (4%), Jetty (3%), and TomEE (1%).
It’s not a surprise that Tomcat 7 is the most common choice in all countries, but Romania has broken all the records in the previous month - 100% usage!
It’s also worth noting that Switzerland is the most active user of Tomcat 6 server (14%), while as many as 5% of developers in Finland prefer TomEE for their Java application's hosting.
Java server market share AUG 2014
See the table below to find the accurate values.

PHP Application Servers

PHP application server’s preferences have unexpectedly changed in the August: NGINX lost 15% to Apache server and is currently standing at just 8%.
Apache PHP is amazingly popular in Switzerland (99%), while the highest amount of NGINX PHP customers (20%) are living in Finland.
PHP market share AUG 2014
Details are presented in the following table:

Ruby Application Servers

In contrast to the PHP app servers usage packaging, NGINX is a leader in Ruby apps hosting with 73%, though it has given 9% of users to Apache Ruby server during the last month, which is occupying 27% of the market now.
You will notice, that Japan, France, Romania and Kazakhstan are absent in the chart below - the reason is that developers in these countries prefer other programming languages for their projects.
Let's look at the more active players - USA is the sole leader in Apache Ruby usage (100%), while NGINX Ruby got 100% in three countries (Finland, the Netherlands, Belarus) in one fell swoop.
Ruby market share AUG 2014
Let’s also pay some attention to the accurate numbers:

Java Versions

Java versions preferences are quite predictable: Java 6 gained 12%, Java 8 - 3%, and Java 7 is still holding the first place (85%).
Java 6 remains the most popular choice in Finland (45%), while as much as one tenth of users in Japan prefer the new Java 8 version.
Java distribution AUG 2014
Here are some details regarding each of the countries:

PHP Versions

The diagram below is clearly illustrating the leadership of PHP 5.4 version (87%), while PHP 5.3 and 5.5 have got just 6% and 7% respectively.
PHP distribution AUG 2014
Regionally, the Netherlands and Romania together with the Switzerland are the most active users of PHP 5.4 with the same (96%) percentage. It is also interesting, that Russia is almost leading at both PHP 5.3 and 5.5 versions usage (18% and 16% correspondingly).
PHP by region AUG 2014
The following table will help you to compare the overall numbers:

Ruby Versions

Finally, let’s look at Ruby versions statistics comparison. As it was expected, Ruby 2.0.0 remained the leader with its 80%, while Ruby 2.1.1 and Ruby 1.9.3 swapped their rating positions and gained 7% and 13% respectively.
In accordance to the chart below, Ruby 2.0.0 got 100% of programmers choices in five countries at once: Germany, USA, the Netherlands, the Switzerland and Belarus. The preceding 1.9.3 version got the highest popularity in Finland (100%), while the newest Ruby 2.1.1 one is mostly used by Great Britain developers (40%).
Ruby by region AUG 2014
The accurate percentages can be seen in the table below.
That’s the complete statistics on stacks usage in August. Keep an eye out for our further publications in order to keep abreast of the trends in software popularity. Try out Jelastic and enjoy the unleashed power of the Cloud with Jelastic!