Software Stacks Market Share: April 2014

| May 20, 2014

Today we are going to share with you, the latest information about the usage of various engines, application servers and databases provided by Jelastic’s Cloud. Let’s compare the changes in software stacks statistics from March, to April.

You will notice remarkable changes in the regional distribution of stacks, as this month we’ve included an additional country with Jelastic support - Kazakhstan. Jelastic is represented in this country by our new partner Skilltex. Welcome aboard!

So let’s get started and see the results of stacks usage in April 2014.

Database Servers

MySQL gains momentum and note, it has already reached 58%. As a result, MongoDB and PostgreSQL lost 1% each. The stats of MariaDB and CouchDB remain unchanged.


The database market share by region didn’t change much. Russia still leads in MySQL usage (79%). Noticeable is also the use of MySQL by newly added Kazakhstan - 52%. The percentage of MongoDB customers significantly increased in Japan. Now it is 23% compared to 8% in the previous month.


Here, you can view the accurate numbers:


Here the annual trends of database usage are displayed:


Java Application Servers

Tomcat 7 with no changes leads the list of application servers (85%). Same stability concerns for the rest of Tomcat family: Tomcat 6 (6%) and TomEE (1%). GlassFish gained one more percent and has 5%. At the same, time Jetty decreased at 3%.


The popularity of Tomcat 7 increased even more in Japan and now equals 96%. It is notable that Switzerland lost its leading position in Jetty usage (5%) letting Finland (6%) take its place. Kazakhstan with its 10% share is going to compete with Russia (12%) in using Tomcat 6.


See the current percentage in the table below.


This chart displays Java application servers usage over one year.


PHP Application Servers

In April, NGINX gained some extra users and reached the point of 23%. Apache is still in first place at 77%.


Regionally, the situation has changed. Japan became a leader in Apache usage (98%). It’s interesting that in Russia, both servers are used on almost the same level - 54% for Apache and 46% for NGINX. NGINX saw many users from Kazakhstan - 38%.


See details in the table below.


Here are the annual trends for PHP application servers.


Java Versions

We observed rather significant changes in the number of Java users. Java 6 increased its popularity and gained 6% more. Currently, it is 21% for Java 6 and 79% for Java 7.


Regionally, we saw two leaders for Java 7 usage with 95% - Switzerland and France. Java 6 is becoming more and more popular in Japan (39%), Finland (42%) and Sweden (40%).


Compare the numbers using the data below.


This year trends of JDK usage:


PHP Versions

This month, PHP 5.5 and 5.3 almost swapped their results. Now PHP 5.5 has only 16% and PHP 5.3 increased the number of users to 19%. PHP 5.4 also gained extra users and reached 65%.


Japan became the only leader in using PHP 5.4 taking a rather large share (94%) from the USA which came in second place (77%). PHP 5.3 is quite popular in Russia (52%), even more than PHP 5.4 (33%). Japan users lost interest to PHP 5.5 this month with only 4%, compared to 23% in the previous month.


The accurate numbers are presented in the table.


Below, you can see the annual chart of PHP version distribution.


That’s all for April 2014. We hope this month was successful for you and that May will be even more beneficial while you are using the Jelastic Cloud. Stay tuned to see the software stacks market share for May, in a few weeks. Feel free to leave your comments below.