Software Stacks Distribution: June 2013

| July 4, 2013

We are back with updated charts on software stacks popularity within Jelastic. You'll see which databases, application servers, JVM and PHP versions are the most widely used in the Cloud.


If we compare the chart below with last month one, it's easy to see that there are no major changes in database popularity in June. The overall leader is the same - MySQL. Other database percentages are close to the May results.


Let's analyze the situation in regions!


The chart above demonstrates that ironically, Java and PHP developers all over the world have almost the same database preferences.

Here are the current numbers in table format:


The next chart shows the trend of how database popularity changed during the last year.


Java application servers

Tomcat 7 continues to strengthen its positions and increased its share this month by 2%. The other server usage is mostly the same if we compare with the result from last month.


We should note that Finnish percentages are quite different.  It seems that developers in this country like Jetty very much.


Here are the figures for this month:

java app server distribution

Let see the trends on the following graph!


PHP application servers

Looking at the PHP app servers usage, it's easy to note that Apache is unquestioned leader.


Now let's see the distribution of this software stack by regions!


Very interesting that we have 50/50 popularity in Russia this month.

Current figures:


Let's see how the percentages have changed from the moment we added PHP support to the Jelastic Platform.


Java versions

Java 7 continues its domination with a 16% increase over the last month.


What happened in the regions? It appears that Java 7 usage increased rapidly everywhere.


The overall numbers are here:

software stacks distribution: java versions

Dive into the next diagram and you'll see the trends.


PHP versions

Finally, here's PHP version distribution for June, 2013. Version 5.4 leads this month.


Here's the geographical distribution of both PHP versions:

PHP distribution numbers

It's quite intriguing to see how these software stack trends changed.


As always, we hope you found this information interesting and useful. We will continue to share with you the latest software stack trends monthly. Stay tuned to our blog to keep in touch with our news!