Software stack market share within Jelastic: September 2012

| October 8, 2012

Every month, we like to share stats with you on the usage and popularity of different software stacks within Jelastic PaaS. It's time to update you with this month's stats. So, let's see the stats on databases, servers and JVMs for September 2012.


Below is the overall usage of databases within Jelastic for the month of September.

MySQL continues to be our leader, dominating the competition. Its popularity grows from month to month. If we look at the data by region, we see that there are some small changes in comparison with previous month.

Here are the current, overall numbers:

Here's how the numbers have changed over the last 11 months: October 2011 through September 2012.

Application servers

Tomcat 7 continues to be the #1 choice: a 17% increase over August!

The chart below shows application server popularity by region. As you can see, developers have really different preferences this month when compared by region.

The current numbers:

Here's a chart showing overall usage from December 2011 through September 2012.

Java Versions

There really isn't much change here: Java 7 continues to grow its user base. Below you can see that it has continued to grow in popularity.

Let's look at JDK popularity by region. We see that the usage is about the same in the different regions.

Finally, here's a Java version popularity chart for the last 11 months.

Hope you found this useful! Stay tuned to see next month's stats!